Google Maps Mobile Matches Pace With the Web

google-mapAccording to the blog post, 40% of Google Maps usage comes from mobile devices and Google wants to ensure these users get a consistent experience. Before now, the mobile website was missing a number of popular and useful features that it will now include. While some of it (like seeing your current location - you could do that already, yes?) sounds familiar, here's what Google says it has updated on the mobile website:

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Google eBooks Get Search, Translation & Definitions

Pick up a book like James Joyce's Ulysses and you'll likely want a library at your side to help define, translate and help give the context needed to understand the plethora of heady content inside. Before the days of the Internet, reading some of the more scholarly literary texts involved just that - having a dictionary or other reference materials on hand.


Now, Google has brought these things together by adding search, translation and word definitions directly to its Google eBooks offering.

Google Chrome 13 Lets Users Hide the Address Bar

Since Google's official unveiling of the Chrome Web Store six months ago, the company has been on a mission to redefine our perception of what constitutes an operating system, a browser and a program, blurring the lines between each. In Google's world, an OS is a browser and a program - one of those hefty pieces of compiled code we used to download or (gasp!) install from a CD - is now a Web app.
Indeed, even the tiniest, incremental changes point clearly in this direction as word comes that the next version of Google's Chrome browser will give users the ability to kill that final remnant of the fact that they're actually using the Web - the address bar.

Three Ways Microsoft Can Blow Skype

Microsoft's stunning $8.5 billion offer for Skype has the industry talking. Just as they got out from under the consent decree imposed by the U.S. Department of Justice as a settlement for antitrust practices, Microsoft made its biggest acquisition play ever.

microsoft Skype

Microsoft has no shortage of cash at the moment, so perhaps this will be the beginning of a huge buying spree in Redmond. The Microsoft of a decade ago dominated the industry, but today's Microsoft has been playing catch-up to companies like Apple and Google that are flying high, particularly in the mobile market. Developing new products from scratch takes time, and time isn't on Microsoft's side. Yet buying your way into a market isn't a sure path to success either, and it can be expensive.