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9 things you should know about your Facebook privacy

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Disable your relationship status on Facebook without making the news

To change your relationship status without the press release, Go to your “Account > Privacy settings > Customize settings ”, then near the “Relationships”, over the drop down click on the “Customize” edit button and select “Only Me”.
my facebook privacy

my facebook privacy 1
This will make your relationship status disappear to everyone else except for you. Save your new settings.
Avoid of a Facebook photo tagging

At the least, a tagged photo/video can result in personal embarrassment. So how do you prevent the infamous tagged photo or video from showing up in all of your friends news feeds? It’s pretty simple. First visit your “Account > Privacy settings > Customize settings” and modify the setting next to “Photos and videos I'm tagged in”.

facebook privacy
Select the option which says  and Select the option “Only Me”. If you’d like to make tagged photos visible to certain users you can choose to add them in the box under the “Some Friends” option. In the box that displays after you select “Some Friends” you can type either individual friends or friend lists.
facebook privacy 12
Remove yourself from Facebook search results

In your profile page, click on the pencil icon then click on “Change visibility setting”.
 facebook privacy
So you see the page as the following image,select “Only Friends” (Remember, doing so will remove you from Facebook search results, so make sure you want to be removed totally ) for “Search for you on Facebook
facebook privacy 3
Remove yourself from Google

For some people, being displayed in the search engines is a great way to let people get in contact with you, especially if you don’t have an existing website. Facebook also tends to rank high in the search results, so if you want to be easy to find, making your search profile can be a great idea. Many people don’t want any of their information to be public though.
Click “Account > Privacy Settings > Applications & Websites > Public search
facebook privacy 6
Monitor which devices access your Facebook account

This tool, helps fight hackers by notifying you of unusual log-ins, but you should know “How to protect yourself “.
On the upper right-hand corner of your screen, click “Account > Account Settings > Account Security “.
facebook privacy 4
Click “on” below “Get notified by SMS or email if a new computer or mobile device logs into your account.
The next time you log in, Facebook will ask you to name the device you are using. Then it will send you an email. This way, if anyone logs in to your account from a device you don’t use, you’ll know about it.
Your friends maybe sharing your info with third-parties

When you Facebook friends use applications you do not use, they may be sharing your info with third parties. If you want to protect yourself, you can do these.
Click “Account > Privacy Settings > Applications & Websites > Info accessible through your friends “, Then Uncheck all boxes.
facebook privacy 5
Use your friend lists

You can create Friend Lists for all of your organizational needs, allowing you to quickly view friends by type and send messages to your lists.
There are a few very important things to remember about friend lists:
   - You can add each friend to more than one friend group
   - Friend groups should be used like “tags” as used elsewhere around the web
   - Friend Lists can have specific privacy policies applied to them
I’ll touch on each of the things listed above in more detail later. A typical setup for groups would be “Friends”, “Family”, and “Professional”. These three groups can then be used to apply different privacy policies. For example, you may want your friends to see photos from the party you were at last night, but you don’t want your family or professional contacts to see those photos.
For create friend lists, in your Home page,select “ Friends” then “Edit friends”.
facebook privacy 2
Then you must select “Creat a list “.
facebook privacy 1
Protect your albums

Just because you’ve uploaded photos doesn’t mean that you’ve accurately tagged every photo correctly. This setting is more of a reminder than anything else. Frequently people will turn of their tagged photo visibility to certain friend lists yet keep their photo albums public to the world. If you are trying to make all your photos invisible you must do so on an album by album basis.
There is a specific Photos Privacy page from which you can manually configure the visibility of each album. This is an extremely useful configuration option and I highly recommend that you take advantage of it. This way you can store your photos indefinitely on Facebook yet ensure that the only people that can view your photos are the ones who you really want to see them.
facebook privacy 7
Hide your profile info from the public

This is especially important if your kids have their own Facebook accounts.
On the upper right-hand corner of the screen, click “Account > Privacy Settings > Sharing in Facebook > Customize Settings”.
Then see “ Contact Information”. Make sure you adjust your privacy settings beside all categories.
facebook privacy 8
Also you can see “Things others share” and make sure you adjust your privacy settings beside all categories.
facebook privacy 9

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