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Top Business Applications for Facebook

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facebook app 1With Telephone you can call, send and receive voice messages through Facebook, just like having voicemail on your phone. All you need is the application and a microphone and you can start sending messages to your friends.

Once you install the application, you can use your Telephone to:
- Call your facebook friends
- Send and receive voicemail
- Send and receive group Voiceblasts
- Exchange instant messages with them and your MSN, Yahoo, AIM or Google Talk contacts

TelephonePlus, a real telephone service which includes all of the above and:
- A local phone number for people outside facebook to call you*
- Call forwarding so you can walk away from the computer and still get all your calls
- 100 minutes to call anywhere in the US & Canada
- All for just 4.95$ a month!


facebook app 2SlideShare is the world’s largest community for sharing presentations. You can upload your own PowerPoint, OpenOffice, Keynote or PDF files and view presentations shared by others. This is a great way to spread thought leadership and expertise through presentations you may have delivered locally.

SlideShare is the world's largest community for sharing presentations. You can:
- Share presentations & documents with your Facebook network
- Upload portfolios, resume, conference talks, PDFs, college lessons etc
- All formats supported: ppt, pps, pptx, odp, pdf, doc, docx, odt, Keynote, iWork pages
- Embed YouTube videos in presentations, add audio to make a webinar
If you have a account, you can import your existing presentations into Facebook. If you don't have one, signup for it from Facebook to share your presentations worldwide and get more views/traffic.
SlideShare is present on both Linkedin & Facebook. Sync both these accounts with SlideShare and you have a holy triad. Upload to any one- SlideShare, Facebook or LinkedIn and it will shows up instantly on all three.

Facebook Page

facebook app 8A Page allows you to bring your fans and customers together on Facebook to interact with each other. Conversations topics are normally related to the organization, ranging from a new product launched, customer service, recent advertisements to their customer experience. This application can be found here.

Besides activity among your fans, there are a couple of useful functions which allow you to keep your customers updated and would probably help spice up more conversation. Refer to my post on 5 Successful Facebook Pages to get a better idea on how a page could help your business grow.

What I do

facebook app 3Allows you to promote your services/products to your Facebook network. Display your skills/wares on your profile box and list yourself in a business directory. Recommend your colleagues services and products too.

My LinkedIn Profile

facebook app 4Makes it easy to promote your LinkedIn account with a badge on your Facebook profile. Cross promoting social network activity is a great way to extend your reach.

Business Cards

facebook app 5Business Cards helps you network better on Facebook. Personalize your card and attach it to your Facebook messages! View postings and network with others! This application is much like the signature common in email messages. It̢۪s just one more way to say business when using Facebook.

With this application, you can:
- create a Business Card and customize it
- attach your Business Card to Facebook messages
- browse other cards and read comments
- let others know what you are looking for


Facebook-CalliflowerUse Free Conference Calls to organize a business meeting on the fly. With free conference call you can call in from anywhere; your home, mobile, Skype, or any VoIP service. Using this app inside of Facebook can help make some immediate connections a little deeper.

Calliflower makes it easy for people to plan, participate and follow-up on engaging and meaningful conference calls that bridge business and social networks.
It's free! That's right, no monthly fee or minutes. All Calliflower costs is the standard price of dialing to the U.S. or France, or an internet connection with one-click calling.


facebook app 6All work and no play in any social media platform will slowly create a barrier between you and your online friends. A couple of humorous and interesting posts could prevent such a barrier from developing and Slide FunSpace is exactly what you need. It contains loads of fun and interesting resources for you to forward to your peers.

By having a good balance between work and play portrays you as an all-rounded person, someone who works hard and is at the same time fun to be with. This would definitely increase your popularity in any Social Media tools and help you get heard!

FunSpace is where millions go to discover, view and share videos, photos and notes. It is an entertainment platform programmed by you and all of your friends!
FunSpace makes it easy to find videos and even easier to share them with either a few friends or all of your Facebook friends with one single click. It is packed with free, premium content from partners like VH1, E! Entertainment, Katalyst Media, and Hulu, and funny videos from fellow users. FunSpace can entertain you for a few minutes or a few hours!


facebook app7With more businesses owning a corporate blog, there is a greater need to market your blog to gain more readership. NetworkedBlogs helps your blog gain more exposure by allowing people to follow your blog post via Facebook.

Promote your blog on Facebook and to discover new blogs. NetworkedBlogs is a community of bloggers and blog lovers. Join the fun, add your blog, and connect with others who read and write about subjects you like.

- Works on both: profiles and Facebook Pages
- Import your blog feed to your profile or fan page
- A directory of blogs organized by topic and geographical locations
- Read news and vote articles you like
- The largest blogging and news community on Facebook

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