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Top Facebook tips that you might not know

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How to place Facebook chat on Firefox sidebar

          Today Facebook unveiled its new chat service and as you may suspect it is pretty simple to load it in your Firefox sidebar to have it always on hand.
Bookmarks menu, select Organize Bookmarks…
- Click on the New Bookmark…
- Enter a name. Enter for the location and check the Load this bookmark in the sidebar checkbox.

Facebook chat bookmark
Now you can select the just created bookmark to load Facebook Chat whether you have Facebook open in a tab or not.
Facebook chat bookmark
You can do the same with the web version of Google Talk.
How to download Facebook photo albums

          FacePAD allows you to download your friends’ facebook albums, Events albums, and Group Albums, en masse, with the click of a button.
It is an intuitive add-on for Firefox that allows you to download complete Facebook albums from your right click menu. From our tests, we saw it runs relatively fast also. You can download FacePad-on here.
facebook Download-Albums
And if you don’t use Firefox, Album Downloader is a Facebook application for downloading complete photo albums of you or your friends. Get this application here.
The last, If you are more of a desktop application type, you should try Fotobounce. It is a photo organizer for Windows and Mac OS X that helps you view and download photo albums from Facebook. They also support face recognition (which is pretty cool as it saves you time to tag your pics) and integration with both Facebook and Flickr. Download Fotobounce here.
How to friend someone on Facebook & hide It from your status updates

          Here’s what I would do to hide Facebook status updates and keep that fact confined to my closer friends:
- On your Facebook home page, you should see the Settings menu close to the search field on your upper-right. Open that menu and go to Privacy Settings.
facebook privacysettings

- On the next page, you’ll have four choices: Profile, Search, News Feed, and Applications. What you’ll want to edit here are your Profile privacy settings.
facebook setting

By default, everything on your profile is limited to your Friends and your Networks. From the screenshot above, you can see that I’ve limited everything on my profile to my Friends and their Friends. Anyone else who visits my profile will only see that I have a profile, but will not see what’s on it.
- For example, you’re going to want to edit the setting on your Status Updates, since you don’t want your boss to know that you’ve fanned the competition. Click that dropdown menu and then select Customize.

You may want to tweak your overall privacy setting here, but what we’re aiming for is the Except These People list at the bottom of this dialog. Type out the name of any of your Friends to restrict that person from viewing anything in your Status Updates.
How to access Facebook chat on Desktop

          Gabtastik and Digsby let you keep Facebook chat sessions open on your Windows desktop outside of your regular web browser, using minimal screen real estate and system memory.
GabtastikIconfacebook chat desktop
How to display selected pictures only on your Facebook profile page

          A little-known feature in Facebook that lets you decide who shows up in that Friends box. Click that edit pencil in your Friends box and type the names of your best friends in the box that says Always show these friends.
facebook friends setting
How to share Flickr photos to Facebook

          Flickr2Facebook is an unofficial Flickr to Facebook uploader(bookmarklet) which allows you upload photos to Facebook from Flickr.
- Login in facebook
- Save the bookmarklet to your web-browser's bookmarks. You only have to do this once! - Surf to the Flickr page with the image on it you would like to upload.
- Click the bookmarklet in your web-browser's bookmarks.
- Click on the Flickr2Facebook logo that appears over the image. This will popup the upload window! - Choose the album you would like to upload the image into.
How to hide your online status on Facebook chat from select contacts

          If you are connected with too many people on Facebook and need to hide your online status on Facebook Chat from certain contacts, here’s some help.
facebook chat
Facebook has integrated friends list with Chat and you can also choose which of these list members get to see you online.
go offline chat
So you can stay visible to your family members and close friends while the rest of your Facebook friends won’t know if you are logged into Facebook.
facebook chat 2
The Facebook chat window has easy sliders so you can easily toggle your online status for any friends list in a click.
How to delete, cancel and terminate Facebook account

          You join and sign up a Facebook account but think that may be a phone call is a much better way to bring relationship with friends closer or Facebook account has seriously invaded your privacy and security, you can easily terminate, delete or cancel Facebook account, together with the Facebook profile.
- Sign in to Facebook account.
- Click on Account link on the top right corner.
- On the Settings tab, click on deactivate at the end of Deactivate Account line.
- Confirm Facebook Account Deactivation page will load. Select one of the reasons why you want to delete your Facebook account, such as I don’t feel safe on the site, I spend too much time using Facebook, I have another Facebook account, This is temporary. I’ll be back. If you have some special reason on why you want to terminate your Facebook account not listed in the list, click on Other and type in your own explanation in the text box provided.
- If you no longer want to receive any invite, notification of friend requests, tag in photos, or ask you to join groups from Facebook, click and tick the check box of Opt out of receiving emails from Facebook.
- Click on Deactivate button.
- Once the Facebook account is deactivated, the following message will appear,Your Facebook account has been deactivated.
To reactivate your account, simply log in as you normally would, and we’ll send you a reactivation email.
Although can be reactivated and restore your profile in its entirety (friends, photos, interests, etc), deactivation works to completely remove your profile and all associated content on your account from Facebook. In addition, users will not be able to search for you or view any of your information.
Delete the Facebook account will completely remove and purge all personally identifiable information associated with the Facebook account from Facebook database. This includes information like name, email address, mailing address, and IM screen name. However, do note that copies of some material (photos, notes, etc.) may remain in Facebook servers for technical reasons, but this material is disassociated from any personal identifiers and completely inaccessible to other users.
To delete a Facebook account, log in to the Facebook account, and then submit the Delete My Account at here.
During the 14 days account deletion grace period, do not login or sign in to Facebook account, nor perform any action utilizing Facebook, such as Share on Facebook on Like in Facebook, or login and sign up to other websites by using Facebook Connect (Facebook user name and password credentials). Any interaction and usage of the Facebook account during the period will prevent the account from being deleted.
How to create a photo collage using pictures of your Facebook friends

- Click on Friends tab.
- Proceed to More tab.
- From Choose an option dropdown, choose any of the dashes ""
 Create Photo Collage  Facebook

Photos of all your friends will be displayed, each in 50×50 pixels forming a grid view.
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