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Top iPhone & iPod Apps for Facebook

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Facebook for iPhone

            Facebook for iPhone makes it easy to stay connected and share information with friends. Use your iPhone to start a conversation with Facebook Chat, check your friends' latest photos and status updates, look up a phone number, or upload your own mobile photos to Facebook while on the go.

facebook iphonefacebook ipod

Some new features :

- Groups: share photos and posts with small groups of friends
- Deals: discover great deals around you
- Places: tag more friends after you check in, add photos


            MyPhone+ for Facebook is the ultimate phone dialer that keeps your contacts up to date with their latest picture and information from Facebook! View your contacts profile pictures when they call you and when you call them! browse, call, send a message or write on your friends wall by tapping on their picture. If you like Facebook you will probably love MyPhone+!

facebook iphone facebook ipod

✓ Sync your contacts pictures and information with Facebook - View contacts profile picture when they call you and when you call them. It takes one touch to sync your contacts with their latest profile picture and information from Facebook (birthdays, status, current address, website, company & job title). Option to sync contact names, high resolution profile pictures, And more!
✓ Import missing friends - Are some friends missing from your iPhone contact list? you can now import them from Facebook directly into your iPhone contact list with a tap of a finger.
✓ Visual contact list - The built in contact list will display the full iPhone contact list with thumbnail photos, allowing to view and dial contacts in the coolest way.
✓ One touch favorites photo dialer - One touch favorites photo dialer with multiple pages and zoom in/out option to adjust the number of photos on each page. Simply rearrange your favorites photo dialer by dragging the photos with your finger.
✓ Birthdays list - View all your contacts birthdays in one convenient place and never forget your friends birthdays again!

facebook ipad ✓ Quick search contacts - Simply shake your iPhone from anywhere in the application to immediately activate the search function. You can also use the smart search button, which appears automatically when scrolling through contacts in the contact list.
✓ Send Facebook messages directly from the contact list - It's now easy to stay in touch with your contacts on Facebook. Simply send them a message on Facebook directly from the contact list.
✓ Access contacts Facebook profile directly from the contact list - View your contacts Facebook profile and photo albums or write on their wall with a tap of a finger.
✓ Stylish designed keypad - Dial with MyPhone+ stylish designed keypad. Elegant, clean and much more nice to the eyes using the light background and dark numbers color scheme.

iSocialize for Facebook

            Post any of the below on your Facebook wall or update your Twitter status. Or do both at the same time with a single tap! You can also post it on friends' Walls, Pages and Groups or directly to your Twitter followers.

facebook iphone facebook ipad

✓  Animated Emoticons - Great for MMS!

Have fun with emoticons ANIMATING on your iPhone screen and send them via MMS, email or Facebook/Twitter.
✓  Emoji for SMS 
✓  TextPics - Art for SMS!

Send cool text-based images via SMS and e-mail, but also to Facebook and Twitter!
✓ Quotes

Pick among over 25,000 inspiring quotes to get tons of comments on your updates. Organized by Category, Authors or Keywords with search capability.
✓  Image Search

Search the web for the right image to go with your post: a city landscape to send as a postcard, that actor/actress you love and just any image you can find on the web!

✓ Virtual Gifts  - Great for MMS!

The most beautiful Collection of Virtual Gifts to make your posts more colorful, fun and entertaining! Over 1,000 amazingly breathtaking images and realistic icons organized in categories (Flowers, Kisses, Girls, Guys, Drinks, Animals, Balloons) or events (Birthday, Love, Friendship, Wedding, Baby Born, Celebration and any Holidays)

✓  Facebook Birthdays with notifications

Get notifications of your Facebook friends' birthdays, so you will never miss one again! Then, go back to the Collection and send a beautiful gift to celebrate it!
✓ Symbols

IMPRΣSS ⓐⓝⓓ ՏմɾԹɾíՏҽ your friends with the largest selection of symbols ❤☺✌☀☼☁☂☾✓✗✂☆∞❢✈✆☎☊♪♫✍☮. Flip your message or use the styles to make your posts unique: ʇxǝʇ uʍop-ǝpısdn ɥʇıʍ spuǝıɹɟ ɹnoʎ ǝsıɹdɹnS. Try it with SMS too!
✓ Quick Status

Update your Facebook and Twitter status with a single tap. Save your commonly used status and update your social networks without typing!
✓ Jokes

Enjoy the funniest jokes and share them with your friends!
✓ Pictures

Take a picture with your iPhone camera or pick an existing one to share it. And, only with iSocialize, check how many people watched it! 

4000+ 3D Icons & (for MMS,Mail,IM,Facebook)

            Did you have tired of boring texts and emails?
Now you can use all kinds of animated smileys, crazy emoticons, hundreds of other hilarious Icons!

facebook ipad facebook iphone
An icons is worth 10,000000 words!
As soon as you start sending Icons,all of your friends will want them too!It will surely bright up your eyes and minds every day! Icons works with any MMS messaging service that allows cut paste images(including the iPhone's native messages app.) It also works in emails for iPod touch and iPhone users.
facebook ipod

This app has several categories including:

✓ Love
✓ Button
✓ Sports
✓ People
✓ Smiley
✓ Animals
✓ Flag
✓ Food
✓ Car
✓ Music
Mark your favorites for quick access to send again and again!!!

Hurry up and download to find out what all the fuss is about! 3D Icons will change the way you connect with your friends on a daily basis!

Vonage Mobile for Facebook

            Call all of your Facebook friends for FREE anywhere in the world with Vonage Mobile for Facebook. Now everyone’s favorite social network is a free calling network!
To make calls, simply touch your friend’s Facebook ID from your Talk Free contact list. No need to dial a phone number.
What you’ll need:
✓ The Vonage Mobile App
✓ A Facebook account
✓ An iPhone, iPod touch* or iPad with a headset

facebook iphone call

Using an older iPod touch model? Use a wired headset with mic inline, so you can talk. Using the latest iPod touch? Opt for either a wired headset with mic inline or run on speaker mode.

How it works:
Just download the app, log in with your Facebook account username and password, invite friends and start talking to those who also have the app. It’s that simple!
✓ Vonage Mobile works anywhere using 3G or Wi-Fi coverage even overseas.
✓ There are no international calling fees or data roaming charges when on Wi-Fi, and you don’t use your cellular minutes.
✓ Don’t have an unlimited 3G data plan or Wi-Fi subscription? Please check with your mobile carrier, as charges may apply.
✓ When traveling abroad using the local 3G network, use your carrier’s international data roaming plan to avoid excess roaming charges.

Funny Quotes

            The new update allows you to SHARE your favorite quotes with your friends THROUGH FACEBOOK and TWITTER.
“Men are like bank accounts. Without a lot of money they don’t generate a lot of interest.” Doesn’t this just about sum up the way a woman thinks about the suppressed class. Jokes apart, if this cracks you up, then Funny Quotes is the application for. With many such funny one liners by famous people, you are sure to laugh each time you read any one of them.
Sample this by Homer Simpson, “Son, if you really want something in this life, you have to work for it. Now quiet! They're about to announce the lottery numbers.” Reminds you of something funny you did or said sometime. Funny quotes is one such collection of really comic one liners which can remind you of some funny ones done by you. You can be the star of the party when you read these out from your iPhone to an audience.
facebook iphone

It is so easy to view them through your iPhone application, bookmark the one that really tickles the funny bone or even send your favorites to a friend. The easiest option for this is to email it.
The list of these hilarious ones is in exhaustive and we are always working on finding more quotes that have been said. So get the humorous mood going with these Funny Quotes and never have a morose face again.

VR+ Voice for Twitter / Facebook / Blogger / MySpace

            Advanced voice recorder for Apple iPhone from the developer of IM+.
One Touch sending your voice to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Blogger or Email. The recordings are in MP3, so they can be played on any Mac, PC or mobile.
Let your friends hear what you have got to say!

facebook iphone voicefacebook iphone voice 2
You may also transfer the recording directly to your computer via WiFi.
Unique feature: Voice Activity Detection. VR+ uses real VAD algorithms to skip silense when recording and ensure human speech detection from noise or other sounds.
VR+ has all necessary features of business recorders:
- One Touch Record.
- One Touch Pause, Resume and Stop Record.
- One Touch Playback.
- Voice Activity Detection.
- Audio Quality Selection: from smallest size to top quality.
- Unlimited recording length.
- Organize recordings by categories. Intuitive icons for each categories make the work easy and pleasant.

Privacy for Facebook

            Privacy for Facebook is a service that helps you control your private information on Facebook, and keep you up-to-date with the latest privacy-related options and settings released for Facebook.

facebook protectedfacebook protected
Privacy for Facebook guides you through all of the current Facebook profile privacy settings. Knowing that these settings change so frequently, Privacy for Facebook is designed to automatically update you when these settings change so you can stay on top of them.

Emoti Lite for Facebook

            Works with Facebook. "What's on your mind?" has never looked so good! Facebook updates & posts are more interesting & colorful with Emoti.
With this new Lite version, you can give Emoti a try for free! Then upgrade to the full version to access 192 custom emoticons.

iphone facebook appfacebook iphone app
Emoti is a great App for Facebook users. Don't just take our word for it, look what the media are saying:
Jennifer Van Grove of MASHABLE says "Given the widespread appeal of emoticons, the vast selection of adorable and hilarious ones to choose from, and the sheer size of Facebook, we expect this app to be a hit."
Jim Dalrymple of LOOPINSIGHT says "One of my favorite app developers just released a new app that is already one of my favorites."
Lex Friedman of MACWORLD says "If your aim is to become the envy of all your Facebook friends ... this may be just the app for you."
Mike Rose of TUAW says "if you want to have your choice of emoticons to decorate your Wall, your best bet is probably the new Emoti app from nodconcept."
Simply select an Emoti emoticon, type your message and share it on your Wall, or on a friends Wall. Simple, easy, fun! Your update will be visible to everyone on your Wall, in their News Feed and their Live Feed.
This Lite version of Emoti offers 6 emoticons to use. (The full, paid version offers 192 custom-designed, Emoti emoticons to choose from.
Got ideas for different Emoti's that we don't have? Send us an email, we'd love to hear from you!
Uses Facebook Connect to access your account and friends list.
Posts with images are always more interesting than text alone. You'll love it and so will your friends!

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