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Best Android Apps For Christmas

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Free Christmas List

android christmas appIt is free, tracks gifts by person (which saves space), and tracks whether gifts have been purchased as well as their cost. Saving money during Christmas has never felt so good!

Features :
-Gift Tracking by Person
-Gift Cost Tracking
-Cost Summary

android christmas apps

Xmas Gift List

android christmas apps 1Sometimes, it can be hard to remember who you've bought (or made) Christmas presents for - and who you've yet to get one. Xmas Gift List makes it easy to keep track of who's left to buy for, who you've bought for - and what you've bought for them. If you want to, you can even keep track of how much each gift cost.

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Shopping Days to Christmas

android christmas app 2A simple home screen widget to display the number of shopping days left until Christmas. It performs that task and only that task. Does not include the current day as a shopping day because it may be half over. Christmas Eve is a shopping day. Please email me any suggestions or comments.

android christmas apps 2

Droid Gifts Lite

android christmas app 3You’ll need this one for early gifts and on Christmas day! Keep track of the gifts you’ve received so you can thank everyone properly after the wrapping paper has been stripped away

Never forget your received gifts with Droid Gifts Lite!
You can manage your received gifts.
You can link your gifts with your phone contacts.

It works on sdk 1.6 or 2.0.

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Size Chart

android christmas app 4This application stores different clothing sizes for the people on your shopping list.

Make sure you have the correct size this Christmas or back to school.

No return gifts this year!!

Great for Christmas Shopping or everyday bargain hunting.

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A Christmas Story Soundboard

android christmas app 1Sounds from the classic movie A Christmas Story. Set as Ringtone or Notification. Use Favorites tab for quick access. Includes interesting facts. Free to download, free to use; ad supported .

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ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner

android christmas apps 6ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner has raised the bar on what it means to be a price-checker app. Like similar apps on the Android marketplace, ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner allows you to scan items and then search the Internet for the best price.

The original barcode scanner on Android. Aim the camera at any barcode, wait for the beep and ShopSavvy will provide you with a list of online and local prices.

Fixes in 3.6.x
- Works on EVO!
- Few issues with the scanner.
- QR code support

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Android Christmas Ringtones

android christmas app 6Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!
Christmas! Christmas! Merry Christmas!
It's Christmas once again! These high quality Christmas ringtones are a simple way of spreading the festive cheer and joy. Christmas Christmas Christmas!
- Press and hold the screen to open the ringtone menu.

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-Christmas holiday sound collection

android christmas app 7This is a collection of Christmas sounds to prepare your Android phone for the Christmas. Christmas Sounds app ,which is available for Android, not only allows you to enjoy hearing Christmas style tunes on your handset, including Christmas bells, but also allow you to customize your phone with Christmas spirit by using clips or sounds as ring-tones and notifications. Let’s bring your holiday festivities to life with our holiday sound collection. Hope you will find these apps interesting and helpful.

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