Best Facebook Apps For Christmas

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Santa Yourself

              Turn yourself into a dancing Santa!
Choose a photo with your face from your profile or albums.
Scale, move and rotate it to fit dancing Santa.
facebook christmas appsThen send it to your friends and wish them Merry Christmas.

it’s really fun to superimpose a photo of your face onto an animated, dancing Santa. The finished product can then be posted on your wall or sent out to friends.

Christmas Cards

facebook christmas apps 2This Facebook app lets you send  Christmas greetings to your friends. Select from an array of holiday cards, all of which are filled with well wishes. The Christmas cards can be shared directly with friends, and posted on walls.


facebook christmas apps 3This Facebook application allows you to send virtual Christmas gifts to your Facebook friends and family members
Send great gifts to your friends, Celebrate those gifts you receive and watch your Fun Meter fly!!!

Christmas goodies

facebook christmas apps 3If you frequent the average gifting app on Facebook, then Christmas Goodies is right up your alley. Select from a handful of virtual gifts to post on the walls of friends.The more active you are with the Christmas Goodies app, the more gifts you’ll unlock and be able to give to your friends.

Whats Your Funny Christmas Name

facebook christmas apps 4Here’s a cute app to help you waste some time. Provide your name and gender and the app will create a Christmas name for you. Mine was Kristen Nicole, the Cheerful Mistletoe. A little random and entirely nonsensical, but fun nonetheless. Share your Christmas name with your friends on Facebook, and see what their generated names are as well.

Christmas App

facebook christmas apps 5

A fun App to send greetings for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Snowball Fight

facebook christmas apps 5

Hit your friends with animated snowballs that containt your favorite photos. An innovative way to share photos. You can transfer photos to your Facebook albums and use them to hit

Hoops & Yoyo

facebook christmas apps 6

Hoops & Yoyo are two unbeliavably cute animated characters which talk a lot, and now they have a special Christmas card. If you want to know just how flabbergastingly cute they are, show them to your girlfriend.

Spot the 25 Signs Christmas is Coming

facebook christmas apps 9

you can find out that Christmas is coming by carefully observing your environment and ticking off these signs.

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