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Best iPhone & iPod Apps For Business Travel

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Remote Desktop Lite - RDP

              Remote Desktop (RDP) provides access to a PC running Windows XP Professional or Vista/Windows 7. HOME edition or Windows 200x Servers cannot be used.
It enables you to have full, secure access to your work computer through wifi or the phones network (EDGE).
Using your iPhone, you can connect to your Windows Computer and see the files, programs, and resources exactly as you would if you were sitting at your desk, just on a smaller screen.
- Standard RDP protocol
- Have patent license for the RDP protocol from Microsoft
- 8/16 bit color mode for faster screen updates
- Zoom and scroll as the Safari Browser
- Server screen size 600x800,1024x768 or 1280x1024
- Landscape mode

business travel iphone apps


              Track your miles for your travel receipts.MileBug is a mileage tracker for your iPhone or iPod Touch that makes it super easy to. . .track your mileage. This is great if you need to report your mileage to your boss.

Milebug saves you time and money; and is a MUST have for any business owner.

business travel iphone apps 1

- Track miles for MULTIPLE businesses!
- Track miles for MULTIPLE charities!
- Track miles for "Medical" or even "Other"!
- Setup multiple vehicles...and name them!
- INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT: km/miles, custom rates, etc.
- Set km vs. miles in iPhone/iPod Settings
- Odometer screen updates when changing vehicles
- Automatically opens to Edit for incomplete trip
- Designed to be IRS compliant
- Setup frequent destinations and purposes for easy use later
- Email HTML and Excel-friendly reports 
- Define date range of each report
- See report totals by business and vehicle
- Presets allow for trip recording with simple finger taps
- Clear Trips List when you want a fresh start 
- See the deduction amount for each trip 
- Incomplete trip badge on home screen icon
- Intuitive native iPhone interface
- Choose start screen in iPhone/iPod Settings

iFax pro

              No internet signup or account ever required! No limits or restrictions. Send UNLIMITED faxes to anywhere in the world and RECEIVE faxes to your custom fax number. Simply download the app and start faxing!

business travel iphone apps 3
- PDF and Document Integration - import from mail, upload or download from the web: PDF, DOC, XLS, JPG and other documents supported.
- NEW! Inbound Faxing - get your own iFax number in the United States (Local or Toll-Free), Canada, UK (Local or Toll-Free), Germany, Italy, Spain, Israel & Turkey. Start receiving faxes directly to your iPhone - enhanced with Push notifications!
- Transfer documents from other iPhone apps to iFax using
- Push-Notification Fax confirmations - real-time messages sent to the app with fax notifications and status updates.
- Document Scanner technology - Attach images from photo library or using camera, crop and adjust brightness, sharpness etc to optimize images for faxing. Using these tools to brighten backgrounds and darken text/foregrounds. (Darker photos will not appear clearly in a fax.) 
- Professional, customizable cover page template. You can even insert your company logo, add a note and sign your signature on the cover page!
- Type or paste a text document into the fax.


              Trapster(R) is a FREE app that alerts you as you approach speed traps, red light and speed cameras, police check points, accidents, and other roadway hazards. Join World's largest driver's social network today! Drivers helping drivers, more than 8 million users strong!

business travel iphone apps 4

- Caravan(TM), see and communicate with other users in real time.
- Patrol(TM), a blue line shows Trapster users have recently driven down a road. Raising the confidence factor on the road.
- Alerts can be in English, French, German, Spanish and lots of fun sound themes.
- World's most complete and up to date speed trap and camera database with over 2 MILLION traps reported.
- Virtual Radar (R) dynamic alert area narrows and elongates based on your speed and direction of travel.
- Rate traps submitted by other users. The system learns the credibility of users over time based on how many other users agree with the traps they report.
- Push notifications can alert you even when the app isn't running.
- My Trips feature broadens scope of app beyond speed traps, making it a fun travel tool.
- Also, local search, Google Live Traffic, turn-by-turn directions, full iPod control, Facebook & Twitter integration and privacy controls.

Cheap Gas!

              Find the cheapest gasoline nearest to where you are! Then, map a route to where the cheap gas is.

business travel iphone apps 5

- Price Timestamps
- All Grade Prices Displayed
- Sort by Distance or by Price (default)
- Locate stations by device location (default) or by postal code (in Settings)
- Interactively search by Postal Code
- Distance to station displayed
- Ability to refresh stations without restart
- Ability to update grade pricing through
- Ability to record new stations through
- Augmented Reality (AR) View - "Cyborg"


              Tipulator lets you easily calculate restaurant tips on your iPhone and iPod touch.
Take the guesswork out of restaurant tipping. Enter the bill amount, select a percentage, and Tipulator will calculate the tip. And it’ll split the check among friends. Use Tipulator the next time you go out to dinner… your dining partners will be curiously fascinated with your cute new toy.
business travel iphone apps 6

– Simple and beautiful user interface
– Split check among several people
– Optional checksum/palindrome on check total to prevent frauds
– Optional rounding on check total or tip
– Number keypad for check amount entry
– Uses your local currency settings
– Tipulator is fully compatible with iOS 4 and the Retina Display

SpeakEasy Voice Recorder

              Record and playback notes, reminders, or just about anything from your iPhone’s built-in microphone. SpeakEasy gives you a recording studio that fits into your pocket. Intuitive and fun, SpeakEasy is the premier voice recorder for your iPhone.

business travel iphone apps 7
- Beautifully animated and intuitive user interface with large, easy to touch buttons
- Easily group and organize your recordings by category
- Add a photo, title, and comments to any recording
- Pause and continue both recording and playback
- Download your recordings from SpeakEasy using to your computer using your web browser.
- Turn your recordings into custom ringtones
- Adjustable audio quality (from 8 to 44.1 kHz sample rate)
- Interruption protection allows you to continue recording after a phone call interruption
- New recording indicators both within SpeakEasy and on the home screen icon
- On the go recording options allow for quick start and save
- Speaker mode toggle button on playback screen
- Unlimited recording length
- Works with iPhone and second generation iPod Touch. IMPORTANT: The first generation iPod Touch is not supported by SpeakEasy. Using SpeakEasy with a second generation iPod Touch requires iPhone compatible earbuds with a built-in microphone.


              ZAGAT TO GO is a universal app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Optimized for all three devices, you’ll get a year’s access to fresh restaurant ratings and reviews from over 45 trusted guides; all for less than the price of 1 guide! One purchase gets you ZAGAT for your iPhone and iPad!

When you’re looking for a nice client dinner, this is the resource to use.
Our exclusive offline mode (iPhone & iPod) lets you browse restaurants while traveling by plane, subway, or anywhere without reception! As a bonus nightlife, hotels and shops are included where available.

business travel iphone apps 8


GPS - Find nearby restaurants automatically
- Advanced Search - Mix and Match by any criteria
- Sort - Filter by Food, Décor, Service or Cost!
- Offline Mode - Access Zagat wherever you go
- Reservations - Reserve tables instantly
- Recommendations - Our digital concierge tells you where to take dates, clients, friends & more
- Augmented Reality (iPhone 3GS and 4 only) - See nearby restaurant ratings through your iPhone camera!
-Top Rated Lists - “Best of” in your city like Best Buys, Best Burgers, Most Romantic & more.
- Check-in with Foursquare
- Browse photos of dishes and get tips on what dishes to order from diners like you!


              The best flight tracking app out there! Track flights with beautiful, zoomable maps or get real-time departure info, delays and gate numbers at a glance. Full international coverage means you can track all your flights worldwide. We’ll even update you on cancellations and help you find an alternate flight.

business travel iphone apps 9


- Real-time status for gates, delays and cancellations
- Covers more than 4000 airports worldwide
- Full international flight coverage with 1400 airlines
- Find alternate flights at a tap

- Sync with your phone’s calendar
- Share flight status by email, Facebook or Twitter
- Supports multitasking on iOS 4
- Add flight notes for seat numbers, confirmation numbers and more

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