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Google Maps Tips For Life – Part 1

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Learn tips and tricks to save time, look smart, and manage your travels efficiently.
Search for anything

               With Google Maps you can find the best places to eat, shop and stay. After you find a place, click on "more info" to get reviews, ratings, business hours, and check it out in Street View.
How to search :
Depending on your location, Google Maps allows you search for a variety of different kinds of places. Click on one of them in the list below to learn more.
- Businesses (example: Pizza in Sydney)
- Addresses (example: 1 Market Street, San Francisco, CA)
- Roads and intersections (example: 10th Avenue and W 22nd Street, New York, NY)
- Places - Cities, towns, states, provinces, states and continents (example: Paris, France)
- Geographic features (example: Half Dome)
- User created content (example: Tahoe Rim Trail KML)
- Driving directions
Report a Problem

               The best experts on a place are the people that live there. The Report a Problem link (US only) enables you to tell Google about changes in the world around you that aren't reflected in Google maps. It's also a tool for letting Google know of any edits or suggestions you have for Google maps.
What is Report a problem?
One of the exciting things about maps and geography is that the world is a constantly changing place, and keeping on top of these changes is a never-ending endeavor. It's the sort of challenge Google like to take on here , and it want to give you the opportunity to help with a new tool on Google Maps. After all, the best experts on a place are the people that live there. Report a problem enables you to tell Google about changes in the world around you that aren't reflected in our maps.
Has that new highway on-ramp finally opened up? Do Google have an outdated name for your local school? Was Main Street converted into a pedestrian-only walkway? This tool enables you to tell Google about it. For now this is only available in a limited number of areas, but we're working to expand as quickly as possible.
Just keep searching

               See multiple searches layered in Google Maps all at the same time. When you do two or more consecutive searches, you'll notice a blue bar at the bottom of the left panel. Click on it to expand the widget, which allows you to turn on both searches at once. The markers are color-coded, so you can tell which search is which.
google map
Consider this scenario, where you want to meet a friend for dinner on your way to downtown San Francisco. You search for transit directions from where you are on 24th and Valencia to Downtown SF, and then search for two of your favorite restaurants, Bar Jules and Walzwerk. Clicking on the blue bar at the bottom of the left panel reveals both searches for the restaurants as well as your route downtown. You can click on the checkboxes to turn each search on and off.
It looks like Walzwerk is closer to your path, so you decide to tell your friend to meet you there. And if she isn't completely sold on the convenience of your plan, you can tell her that they have fantastic spätzle and German pilsner.
google map 2
Find local hot spots

               When you search for local information on Maps, relevant results appear as small red dots on the map. Look for trends in the density of the dots to learn more about a city. As you drag the map and zoom in or out, the dot will repopulate the map.
For example, there might be a coffee shop just around the corner from your house in Seattle, that didn't make it to the first page because Seattle has so many coffeehouses. You can now browse for it with the query: coffee in Seattle.
google map 3
Review businesses on Google Maps

               Share your local knowledge with the world by reviewing and rating your favorite businesses on the map.
Google Maps has offered a collection of reviews assembled from some of the finest sources on the web for some time. Search for your favorite places and click on the "More Info" link. From there, click on "Write a Review" to start giving your two cents.
google maps review
Right click to find out "What's here?"

               When you click on "What's here?", we give you the most relevant result representing that location, whether it's a specific address, a natural entity, or a place name.
This feature takes into account the zoom level you're looking at, and gives you the most appropriate geographical entity at that point. For example, if you're zoomed in closely on Manhattan, you can get the full address of a point by clicking on "What's here?". Additionally, by combining this with the "At this address" feature that you may have seen in the left-hand panel, you can also see a list of the businesses located at that place.
google map
Restrict your search to just find businesses

               Using the search options link to the right of the search box, you can choose to restrict your results to just show businesses.
search-businesses google map
Find properties on the market

               Find houses currently on the market displayed on the map. Easily search to see what's nearby, or preview the neighborhood in Street View.
google map city
Change the information you see on Google Maps

               You can edit any location you see, whether it's a residence, business or your favorite landmark. You can, for example, move the marker of your home address to a more accurate location.
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