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How to Spend Less Money on Christmas Presents

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Spend of your saving

                Save money throughout the year exclusively for Christmas spending. Open a savings account or make a private stash. Cash on hand helps prevent credit card debt later.

Set spending limits

                Set a spending limit per present. For example: Only buying gifts under $20 dollars.Set an overall budget. Don't allow the total cost of the presents you buy to exceed a set amount. Look at your budget and be realistic about what you can spend. Be conservative on your limits so you have a little wiggle room if you need it.

Smart shopping

                Early shopping is usually smart shopping. Waiting until the last possible moment to shop usually insures paying higher prices, and choosing from inventories depleted of some of the better values.  Buy presents before the holiday season starts. Many prices rise when the Christmas season is right around the corner.

Plan in advance

                Trying to decide at the last moment what you will buy for your loved ones may result in overspending, as you won't have time to compare prices and get the best deals. For better results, plan your Christmas shopping weeks in advance. Make a list with all the gifts you are going to buy and give yourself the chance to make an informed decision for each and every person. The more organised you are, the more relaxed you are going to be, and the more relaxed you are going to be, the best choices you will make.

Think of two alternatives for each person

                Think of two alternatives for each person. That way, if for some reason you are not able to proceed with your first choice, you will be able to proceed with your second choice. That will prevent you from making an impulse purchase and spend more than you can afford, in a desperate attempt to buy a gift.

Compare prices

                Research and compare prices online. Don't let your guard down when you see sales advertised; sometimes you can find the same items cheaper elsewhere.

Decide on something specific and buy in bulk

                A great idea to save money on Christmas presents is to decide on something specific to buy for everyone and then buy that product in bulk. For example, you can decide to buy  only books or CDs for friends, colleagues and relatives. That means that you can buy books or CDs in bulk, which in turn means that you can get a great overall discount. Take some time to visit a few stores to compare prices and get the best deals.

Closer relatives

                Only buy presents for immediate family. You can still send your other family members Christmas cards. Money may be tight, they will understand.

Homemade gifts

                Another way to spend less on Christmas presents is to opt for homemade gifts. Use nice, old photos to make nice scrapbooks with specific themes,  make mixed tapes, bake cookies or cakes. Allow your creativity to flourish and you will be surprised  by the wonderful results. If you use what you already have at home, you are not going to spend anything.


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