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New Year Countdown 2011

           If your country supports iAD (USA and UK) press on the add. Read the message from the sponsor and view more girls.
This free application counts down to midnight 2010. It breaks the count down into days, hours, minutes and seconds. Users can use this application to determine how much time is left until the start of the 2011.
On new years day you can press the Facebook Connect button to wish all your friends a happy new year via the Facebook news feed.

countdown 2011 apps iphone

Countdown to 2011

           See how much time is left to the new year!
Do not trust other countdowns, they often display the wrong amount of time left due to timezone or calculation errors!
This App shows you the correct amount of time left - FOR FREE!
You can also share this information with your pals via Facebook, Twitter or email!

countdown 2011 iphone

Happy Year 2011

           Your Special Countdown for the new year 2011.It’s free.

iphone countdown 2011

New Year's Daymation

           Pop the Champagne! The New Year is Here!It’s free.
The typical page-a-day calendar sits on your desktop, and that's part of the problem — it just sits. It marks the passage of time with as much panache as a lump of... well, a lump of paper. Environmental impact aside, the traditional calendar is a lifeless relic of a bygone era.
Count the days till the New Year begins!

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New Year Present Panic Lite!

           Counting Begins for New Year……..
So how you are celebrating your New Year?It’s free.

Become entertain yourself in this New Year by this outstanding New Year themed game.
"A surprisingly good New Year themed game that might even still be worth playing after the holidays are over."
Present Panic is the latest ultimate game specially designed to help you collect your New Year presents.
So get yourself ready to collect your New Year Gift and get all your gifts on time!

new year apps for iphone

Champagne Popper

           Celebrate the New Year and ring in 2011 with the Maxim Champagne Popper App by Elite Gudz.
With the Champagne Popper's Social Celebration, pre-load a message and your contacts at your leisure. The digital concierge will automatically send your New Years greeting for you, right on time.
Live in the moment; Spend your time enjoying the party, not on the phone.It’s free.
- New Years Countdown Clock (adjustable to any date and time)
- Designer Bottles Featuring the girls of Maxim to Pop
- Social Celebration

Champagne Popper 2011 iphone

NewYear Countdown 2011

           NewYear Countdown show you the time until the NewYear.
The time remaining is show as:
- Days
- Hours
- Minutes
- Seconds
There is also a Countdown only in Seconds.
NewYear Countdown can be used for all years just by update it on the App Store.

NewYear Countdown 2011

Exact Countdown 2011

 's Exact Countdown 2011 gives you an accurate countdown to any date, including the New Year (January 1, 2011), birthdays, weddings, and much more. Whatever the occasion is, you can create a custom countdown to any event where you can include a live countdown that counts down the final minutes and seconds.
The Exact Countdown 2011 app tells you exactly when you enter the year 2011, while keeping a view of when the New Year occurs in other time zones worldwide. It has been updated to include a live countdown that shows the final minutes and seconds of any countdown, as well as offering different countdown audio options. When you use the Exact Countdown 2011, you will know exactly when the clock strikes midnight between New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

countdown 2011 iphone app

New Year 2011 Countdown

           Countdown to New Year 2010. Includes Popular New Year backgrounds, New Year Fireworks Sound and ability to Personalize using your own pictures.
- Preloaded popular New Year Backgrounds including FireWorks, Statue of Liberty, Champagne and many others.
- Shows Days, hours, minutes, seconds to New Year 2011.
- Personalize: Put your own custom backgrounds (your favorite New Year pictures) from your iPhone Camera.
- New Year Fireworks Sounds
- Beautiful Images with High Resolution Graphics.

- Updated for 2011

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