Santa on iPhone !

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            Call Santa and tell him what you want for Christmas – the kid’s love it and the parents get a list of what the child wants for Christmas plus a memorable recording of your child talking to Santa!

call santa iphone

- Simple, easy access to Call Santa.
- Professional graphics and jolly sounding Santa with a positive “be good” message for your child.
- A recording of your child talking to Santa telling Santa what he/she wants for Christmas
- Store, playback of your child’s recorded audio.
- Ability to rename audio files for keepsake / reference.
- Child Wish List password protection

call santa iphone 1

Talking Santa for iPhone

            Talking Santa is here and he brought gifts for everyone.
You can tickle Santa and make him laugh. You can also poke or slap him but that may cause Santa not to give you gifts anymore. You can be nice to Santa by giving him milk & cookies or naughty by running him over with a giant snowball. If you want to see your gifts, open Santa's bag. Send 2 types of customized Talking Santa Christmas cards by email, MMS or post them on Facebook. Record videos of Santa and save them to your library, share them on YouTube, Facebook or send them by email.

talking santa iphone


-Talk to Santa and he will repeat your words.
-Poke, swipe or tickle Santa to see his various reactions. 
- Run Santa over with a huge snowball. 
- Give Santa milk & cookies. 
- Touch the bag to see more than 20 gifts. 
- Shake your device and see what happens. 
- Send customized Christmas cards (email, MMS or Facebook). 
- Record videos and save them to your library, upload them to YouTube & Facebook or send them by email.

talking santa iphone 1

SANTA TRACKER: Countdown & Journey GPS Tracker!

            SANTA TRACKER is a must have App this Christmas and Holiday Season!
Open the App before Christmas Eve and you can see a Countdown in days, hours, minutes and seconds and hear Santa preparing for his big journey around the world to give presents to all the little boys and girls! Is the sleigh ready? Are the reindeer fed? Will Santa be able to fit into his suit?
Then on Christmas Eve when you open the App you can track Santa’s journey across the globe using real GPS Satellite tracking and Google Maps! The map zooms as he gets closer to your house! When he is nearby, the App gives you a message to make sure all your little ones are tucked in in time for Santa’s arrival! Do you hear sleigh bells?

- Loads of great sounds and pictures of Santa preparing for his trip! 
- Countdown to Christmas Eve in days, hours, minutes and seconds! 
- Tap the Countdown screen to see Santas location on the Map of the world – pinch to zoom right in and see if you can see his hidden workshop beneath the mountains in Finland! 
- On Christmas Eve, the Map will automatically display with markers on your location and Santa’s location! Follow his movements across the globe and get excited as he gets closer! 
- ‘Go to Bed Message’ to make sure all kids are asleep when Santa comes!


Video Calls with Santa

            Why settle for a boring and confusing regular old phone call with Santa, when you can have a super-cool INTERACTIVE VIDEO-PHONE CALL with Santa instead?!
"Video Calls with Santa" is a fun new app that lets you have realistic video chats with Santa Claus all year long! Even very young children love actually seeing Santa as he talks directly to them! Choose one of three pre-recorded interactive calls to reward nice children, discipline naughty children, or tell Santa anything you want, any time you want!
Once you buy the app, you can call Santa as often as you like, whenever you like, for free!

Just select a call and start speaking with Santa! Whenever you're done answering a question, tap anywhere on the screen, and Santa will say his next line of dialogue. It's that easy!

Video Calls with Santa
There are three different calls to choose from:
1) NICE CALL: Use this any time of year, when your child has done something particularly nice, and you want to reward them by making sure Santa knows just how good they've been! Kids love it and want to do more nice things, so they can call Santa again!
2) NAUGHTY CALL: Use this when your child has been naughty and you want to get them back in line by letting Santa know that they've been bad! This really works and helps get kids back on track so you won't call Santa about them being naughty again!
3) SANTA VOICE MAIL: Santa answers his video phone with his cheery "prerecorded outgoing message", saying he's sorry he missed your call! Just wait for the beep, and you and your children can tell Santa anything you want! Simple, fast, and easy!

Video Calls with Santa 1

Santa Call

A little encouragement (with a sprinkle of magic) can go a long way.
Get Santa on your side to reward your child for good behaviour and to make him or her behave even better!

santa call
The options available have been chosen with the child's welfare in mind.
By congratulating first, the child's receives a confidence boost. His or her efforts in behaving well are rewarded and reaffirmed.
Santa then asks him to do a little better – always in a positive manner – encouraging further improvement.
The ability to choose what Santa congratulates the child for, and what he asks of him or her, means that the call fits each individual personality.

santa call 1

Santa GPS

            Santa GPS calculates your location in relation to Santa's workshop near the north pole. The GPS information screen will show you how far you are from Santa in both kilometres and miles as well as your latitude and longitude in relation to Santa's. A Christmas countdown clock is included and rotating your iPhone will reveal a world map showing both your location and Santa's.

Santa GPS works best on the iPhone 3G and 3GS but also functions on an iPod Touch that has a data connection.

santa gps 1

Letters to Santa Claus

            Letters to Santa Clause is a wonderful app for children. Imagine the joy your child will have when they see the response from Santa.

Letters to Santa Claus iphone 1
- Send as many letters as you wish. One for each child if you want.
- Universal app works on iPhone and iPad.
- Allow child to "send cookies, bells, or mittens" along with their letter.
- Response comes the next time you start the app an hour after the letter is sent. This way suspicion is not raised by the fact that Santa replied instantly.
- High resolution version for iPad supporting multiple orientations.

Letters to Santa Claus iphone 2

Santa Countdown

            Christmas is coming and not only is Santa busy getting ready, but he wants to help spread holiday good cheer.
In that spirit, this app not only includes a handy countdown timer to make sure you know when Christmas will be here, but also includes games and clues as part of Santa's Christmas scavenger hunt.

santa countdown iphone
Rumor has it that if you can find your way to the end of the adventure before time runs out, you will be eligible for great gifts from Santa.
And if you're really good, you may just get a super special surprise direct from Santa.

santa countdown iphone 1

Secret Santa

            Why use paper when you have an iPhone?
Secret Santa is easy! Avoid picking your own name or the person you got last year. 
- Enter everyone's name 
- Designate matches to avoid 
- Pass the phone around and let each person draw a name

Secret Santa
One of you isn't there with the group? No problem, use a designated picker!
Great for Christmas and other holiday parties!

Secret Santa 1

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