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Use Your iPhone Apps for Travel- Part 2

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             Flights - Hotels - Cars - Trip Itinerary - Flight Tracker
Download Now - It’s Free.
The ultimate travel assistant
- Find flight, hotel and car rental deals
- Book your travel
- Track your flight status
- View and organize your trip itinerary
- Look up baggage fees
- Airline numbers and airport info

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             NYC Way, an iPhone application that bundles a variety of NYC resources for tourists and locals (also the Investor's Choice for monetization potential and Popular Choice winner.)

NYC Way bundles a lot of different services together for locals and tourists combined. Not the best for each individual category, but still a great free all-in-one.

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SitOrSquat : Bathroom Finder

             Quickly find a nearby restroom...and a whole lot more. Sponsored by Charmin.
- View nearby restrooms on a map or in a list sorted by distance.
- See which are open NOW.
- Read reviews, rating, and pictures of the toilets before you go!
- Learn about additional features: which have changing tables, which are handicap accessibility, which have condom or tampon vending machines.

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World Customs & Cultures

             This app is essential for any traveler. It includes customs, cultural information, and facts on over 165 different countries. Easily browsable by flag, by index, or just by scrolling, you'll be able to find the exact country you're looking to travel to or are currently in quickly and easily.
Each country is broken down into these separate cultural fact groups:
- Greetings
- Communication Style
- Personal Space & Touching
- Eye Contact
- Views of Time
- Gender Issues
- Gestures
- Taboos
- Law & Order
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             goPostal is a free application that gives you a quick, easy way to create, print and mail personalized souvenir postcards directly from your iPhone. Unlike other postcard applications, goPostal lets you create a physical postcard which is then delivered to your friends or family by the United States Post Office.
No longer do you have to buy a generic postcard or search for stamps and mail boxes while on vacation. With goPostal, you can send a physical postcard to any US address from anywhere in the world!

Each postcard will be custom manufactured and delivered by the United States Post Office. At $1.29 each including postage, personalized postcards are a tremendous bargain.

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             this application provides detailed public transit directions and information. Whether you're traveling by bus, subway, taxi, or walking, this app will get you where you're going. Be sure to read about the unique iPhone features and travel customization options below.

iphone travel apps 5Supported Areas:
- New York City
- Metro-North Area (Westchester, Connecticut)
- Long Island
- New Jersey
- San Francisco
- Chicago
- Boston
- Washington, D.C.
- Atlanta
- Philadelphia
- Delaware
- Baltimore
- Providence, RI
- Hartford, CT
- London
- Paris

Gate Maps

             Gate Maps was designed with the expectation that you'll usually refer to a terminal map while in-flight or in areas with limited connectivity, and therefore works in Airplane mode (no network connection needed for terminal info), on either an iPhone or iPod Touch. Also, given many airport sites use Flash for their maps, accessing such content from your iPhone/iPod Touch is currently not possible.

Its primary purpose is to make it more convenient and less stressful to get your bearings in case of a late gate change. As noted earlier, if you're not in as much of a hurry, the airport's dining guide on their website is included as a link.

Gate Maps covers most of the major US airports and an ever increasing list of international ones, for a current total of 38 airports. Please refer to the list below to see if you're covered.

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             GateGuru is the leading airport resource that covers the top 86 airports in the United States, the top 12 airports and Canada and London’s Heathrow Airport. On May 7th, GateGuru launched Canadian airports and European airports are soon to follow!

Most comprehensive and accurate listing of airport amenities.

- Easy-to-use and eye-friendly user interface.
- Access to real-time ratings, reviews and photos
- Simple search engine
- Bookmark function
- Participate in the leaderboard
- Creative Facebook & Twitter integration

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             A simple app to calculate the cost of a trip by Gas or Diesel powered vehicle. Enter the Miles Per Gallon of your vehicle, the cost of Gas (or Diesel), and the distance you want to travel. Your total cost will be displayed.

- Remembers the data you enter.

- Calculates gallons of fuel burned.
- Calculates Carbon Dioxide released (assuming gasoline is the fuel being burned).
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