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Best iPhone Apps To Manage Your Finances

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Money Smart - Accounts, Budgets and Bills

            Money Smart is a powerful and yet easy to use program that will help you track and understand your expenses, incomes, budgets and bills. This is the only program on the app store to track all transactions, budgets and bills and link them together. With Money Smart you can manage all your personal finance in one place.

- Intuitive design to add an expense
- Categorize expenses
- Reports
- Email your expenses
- Search your expenses
- Passcode protection

- Support multiple account and account type
- Support income, expense and money transfer
- Statistic for daily/weekly/monthly/yearly overall

- Support multiple budgets financial iPhone app
- Overall statistic data
- Recurring and non-recurring budget
-Transfer money from one budget to another
- Budget rollover

-Tracks your recurring and non-recurring bills
-Tracks your bills on a calendar
-Supports fully paid and partially paid bills
-Reminders for your bills

Financial statement analysis ratios 101

            Do you really want to know how to advance in your professional career, your business, your business school and off course your personal wealth. This application is for you.
MBA students, accountant professional, business owners this application could give you all the information that you need. It’s just 1.99 $.
Off course this kind of application can save the day for students.
The application can runs all Financial analysis Ratios with just one click and send the report by email to you or your boss with just one click more. financial iPhone apps
The applications runs this kind of reports.
- Leverage ratios
- Long-term debt ratio
- Debt-equity ratio
- Total debt ratio
- Times interest earned
- Cash coverage ratio
- Liquidity ratios
- NWC to assets
- Current ratio financial iPod apps
- Quick ratio
- Cash ratio
- Profitability ratios
- Operating profit margin
- Return on assets
- Return on equity
- Payout ratio
- Plowback ratio
- Growth in equity from plowback
All this information is very useful to manage your small business like a professional.

Mind Your Money

            Mind Your Money is the fastest and easiest way to tracking your expenses. It’s free.
In these tight economic times, you want to develop discipline and gain control of your daily expenses. Right? It's the only way you can go on that big trip and have some fun. Well you can, with Mind Your Money.
Here's what our number one fan, Warren Walker, has to say about the app.
“I’ve found Mind Your Money to be the answer to a lifetime doing a crummy job of tracking personal income and expenses and judging from the habits I’ve established from using your software, I finally have my finances totally under control…Thank you!”
Another fan of the app, Den Moore, emailed us to say...
"It's an excellent App! I've tried all the other ones out there, but they over complicate things - this one is very straightforward to use."
With this app you will develop discipline and gain control of your daily expenses by...
- Setting a Budget.
- Entering expenses as they occur. We've made this a easy as possible, just 3 taps!
- Tracking your progress with the Budget Status bar.
- Reviewing your expenses in the Detail screen.

finance iPhone app freefinance iPhone apps free

iFinance Loan Calculator

            iFinance - Loan Calculator is a feature rich app with a friendly user interface that allows the user to manage their loans. This app uses a complex algorithm to calculate the principle and interest on a loan based on number of payments and compounding periods. It’s 0.99 $.
Features include:
- Calculates any kind of from Canadian Mortgage Rates to the loan you give your brother-in-law
- Loan payments can be based on Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly, Monthly, Semi-Monthly, Bi-weekly, or Weekly periods.
- Compounding Interest is calculated based on Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly, Monthly, Semi-Monthly, Bi-weekly, or Weekly periods.
- Set the starting date of the loan.
- Type of loan (Beginning of Month or End of Month)
- Save your inputs.
- Email the loan schedule.
- Email attachment of loan schedule saved as a comma separate values (csv) file for easy import into you favorite spreadsheet application.

loan iphone apploan iphone apps

Practical Money Skills Calculators

            Visa brings you this comprehensive calculator suite as part of its ongoing effort to help students of all ages boost their financial literacy. Explore your own financial information in greater detail by using these powerful tools fore forecasting and assessing your financial choices. During the process, you might discover expenses you can eliminate and more effective ways to manage your money on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. This suite of calculators is also available at the Practical Money Skills website. It’s free.

saving money iphone appsaving money iphone apps


            BillMinder simplifies your life by tracking your bills. It was the first and we believe it is the best bill tracking tool on the entire App Store!

finance iPhone app 1Features :
- 5 FREE Themes
- FREE Push Notifications
- Calendar
- Beautiful new interface
- Custom made account icons
- Pie chart (Tip: rotate your iPhone to landscape when on the Bills tab)
- Account Status icons show status at a glance
- 1-tap to mark paid
- Custom recurring periods for bills
- Email a backup (restore via website and computer)
- Password protection
- Alerts! Badge icon updated automatically
- Track account info finance iPhone apps 1
- Easily see bill amount totals (all, paid and unpaid)
- Categories
- Export to CSV (Excel/Numbers)
- Autopay (First to have this)
- Account History
- Integration with PocketMoney for iPhone
- Currency symbol automatically based on locale ("Region Format" in international settings on iPhone)

Financial Calculator

            Financial Calculator is a simple, yet powerful and accurate intuitive calculator.
- Time value of money.
- Growing annuities.
- Calculates N, Interest, Present Value, PMT and Future Value of money.
- Bond valuation.
- Cash flow analysis in an intuitive interface.
- Analyzes investments: Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and Net Present Value (NPV)
- Amortization and Loans. Support for Canadian mortgages.
- RPN support.
- Near instantaneous calculations.

financial calculate iPhone appsfinancial calculate iPhone app

MoneyTalk - Mortgage, Retirement, and Savings Calculator

            Are you thinking of purchasing a new home? Perhaps you are planning for retirement and would like to know home much you can budget for monthly expenses, or perhaps you just want to know what your savings will be worth in the future. If so MoneyTalk is the perfect tool for you and it is all included in this simple and easy to use application.It’s free.
- A simple and easy to use interface
- Includes mortgage, savings, and retirement calculators
- Multiple calculating options for each calculator
- Automatic currency localization
- Amortization Tables
- Multiple options for mortgage payment frequency (including weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly)
- Calculate maximum mortgage amount and amortization length
- Retirement budget calculator
- Compound interest calculator
- Calculate rate of return

money iPhone appmoney iPhone apps


            A simple application everyone looking for to keep their spendings by Payment Type, Tag and of course by spending category. In addition, it will show you the spending in 'RED' color if the current month spending exceeds the average spending for that group.
Provides spending reports by :
- Cards
- Tags
- Month
Also, it rollup the spending for each spending category and show you as 'Spending Detail' report.It allows the user to add/remove the tags,cards and categories. Remove can be done by swiping on the category,tags or cards in the Selection screen.

finance iPhone app 2finance iPhone apps 2

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