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Top 9 iPhone 5 Rumors : What features will it have?

| No comment is reporting the the iPhone 5 is now being test on Apple's campus by senior employees. The phone will have a very different design than what you are used to for the iPhone. The rumored launch date is sometime this summer (2011).

iPhone 5 with Qualcomm Chips and A5 Processor

              This rumor has been circulating for a while, and it's definitely not going away. The word is that Apple is using Qualcomm chipsets. This is now likely because of the Verizon iPhone, which uses CDMA technology rather than GSM, as AT&T uses. Qualcomm manufactures chipsets that are GSM/CDMA, which would fit both networks. This sounds likely for Apple, who would rather minimize SKUs than split their product line into GSM and CDMA.

It's said that the iPhone 5 will run on Apple's A5 processor, which is said to be a Cortex A9-based multi-core chip. The iPhone 5 is also rumored to be loaded with a Qualcomm chip with a CDMA, GSM and UMTS baseband processor. This will no doubt make the device much faster and better at rendering video content. On a small screen like what we expect to see on the iPhone 5, high-def video content may not be a big deal. However, on the gaming end, that means rendering more polygons. If you think that iPhone games like Infinity Blade look great, wait until they start making use of multicore processors.

apple 5 chipset

New design : thinner and without Home Button

              There is also speculation that the iPhone 5 is a fair amount thinner than current models. This is because of smaller conductive nodes for the touchscreen. This comes from a patent application that popped up recently for a method of creating a thinner capacitive touchscreen. It would be interesting to see where this goes if used.


While the iPad is definitely getting multi touch gestures, and so far most of them replace functions of the Home Button. However, we don't see anything of the sort coming to the iPhone...yet. Still, that's not to say we won't see those come to the iPhone. After all, iOS 4.3 is still in its first stages of beta, there is a long way for it to go before it comes anywhere near being a finished product. One of the rumors we've read mentions that Jobs didn't want any physical buttons on the iPhone from the start. This may finally be when we will see the functionality Jobs wanted when the iPhone was being conceptualized.

Improved Battery Life

              This is something that can be expected but more is always better. The iPhone is made to use all the time for everything so a new battery needs to hold up to a lot of heavy use.

Up to 14 Hours of Talk Time On The 3G and 7 Hours on the 4G. With 14 hours of talking to my girlfriends.

ihpne 5 battery life

The iPhone 5 isn't the Verizon iPhone, and vice versa

              The Verizon iPhone rumor has been around forever, and one day it'll come true - but it won't be the iPhone 5. The Wall Street Journal said a Verizon iPhone was nearly ready back in October, and we'd take that one seriously: the WSJ is the paper Apple tends to share its secrets with.

It says that "the [Verizon] phone would resemble the iPhone 4 currently sold by AT&T, but would be based on an alternative wireless technology used by Verizon, these people said." Which people? "People familiar with the matter".

verizon-iphone 5

iPhone 5 To Support Mobile Payments

              There's been some speculation that Apple might include Near Field Communication (NFC) technology in the iPhone 5G, turning it into a kind of credit/debit card. However, as notes, "Apple has looked into NFC before" so this might not be imminent.

According to The Associated Press, Richard Doherty, the director Envisioneering Group, says the upcoming models of iPad and iPhone will both most likely contain a near-field communication technology. He published this report on Tuesday, is which he wrote that he knows of the engineers who are allegedly operating hardware for the project.

Doherty writes: “Apple’s service may be able to tap into user information already on file, including credit-card numbers, iTunes gift-card balance and bank data…” Moreover, it was considered that the addition of an NFC chip could race with services from Visa, MasterCard, eBay and PayPal. A NFC chip is previously present in the Google Nexus S that was launched on Dec. 16.

iphone5 -nfc

iPhone 5 arrives in summer

              Apple's established a rhythm with iPhone releases, with new models appearing in late June or early July each year. It's a safe bet that the iPhone 5 release date will also be late June or early July.

Some gossip going on among the Apple supply chain has added Foxconn Electronics, Foxlink, Gold Circuit Electronics (GCE) and Epistar as component suppliers for the iPhone 5 smartphone, scheduled for launch during summer at the earliest, according to a Chinese-language Economic Daily News (EDN) report.

It’s also said that Foxconn are Apple’s new earphone suppliers as well, the previous supplier Japan’s Foster losing out because of the strengthening Yen as Apple are looking to reduce their costs.


The rumors suggest that there are a couple of different suppliers on board with Apple now, but this shouldn’t really affect what the iPhone 5 will turn out, I’d imagine it’s just Apple looking to reduce costs and increase their already rather larger profit margin.

As Beatweek magazine points out, Apple's A-Team can't be everywhere at once; by staggering the releases of the iPad 2 and the iPhone 5, they get to work their magic on both devices.

iPhone 5 Antenna

              Patently Apple have been working away yet again and have come across a patent which was filled back by Apple where the logo would be located in the Antenna.

This patent was filled when Apple was experiencing all it’s antennagate problems with the iPhone 4. While we believe Apple will fix the current antenna, placing the antenna in the logo could solve their problems for good. The patent covers antennas in the Apple logo for iPhones, Macbooks and iPads.

Antenna iphone 5

It would be interesting to see an antenna located in the logo of the iPhone, but would it not be covered up somewhat when people are making calls? Probably not as much as where the current antenna is located though.

iPhone 5 with Free GPS Navigation App

              While the Verizon iPhone seems to be taking over the spotlight at the moment, let’s not forget about the iPhone 5, the 5th generation iPhone , which will probably be released in June/July in 2011.

iphone5 gps

It’s just a rumor with no real solid evidence, but Apple’s is reportedly working closely with two mapping companies “Poly9” and “Place base,” to come up with the ideal GPS Navigation app for iPhone 5. Apple recently acquired “Poly9” who focus solely on maps.

Also, recently Apple were advertising for four engineers with relevant navigation and mapping skills. You can see the job description below

Looking at the competition that Apple have to deal with, they need to come up with something special to compete with the likes of Google’s free navigation apps on Android as well as Nokia’s maps.

new custom Sim Card for iPhone 5

              Reports suggest that Apple has partnered with a digital security firm called Gemalto to create a new custom Sim Card which would actually be built into the iPhone itself. This would mean that you could activate your phone will multiple carriers, without actually going to the carriers themselves.

custom Sim Card for iPhone 5

This new built in Sim would be mainly used in Europe where all the carriers operate on the same network bandwidth unlike the US where there is several different bandwidths.

It’s thought that some French carriers our travelling to Apple’s headquarters to look into this more and discuss development. While this solution may be easier for Apple to produce and distribute the iPhone, it would cause chaos for consumers as they wouldn’t be able to change phones as easily and also all their contacts and numbers would be lost since they couldn’t use their sim card.

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