New Technologies To Arrive In 2011

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3D Laptop Sony

           In 2011, Sony plans to join the small set of companies that offers laptops that can display 3D video and games at 1080p resolution.

The company showed off prototypes of a forthcoming Vaio laptop at the IFA electronics show here Wednesday, models that come with a "3D" button and active-shutter glasses to separate what the right and left eyes see.

"3D Vaios will debut next spring," Howard Stringer, Sony's chief executive, said in a press conference touting 3D technology and Sony's commitment to it. Sony also touted other 3D products and content at the show.

The protoypes shown at IFA use "frame-sequential" technology that rapidly cycles the full screen between left-eye and right-eye views, with blank screens in between each to reduce the "crosstalk" that can reduce 3D image quality.

3D Laptop Sony 2011

Windows 8

           It isn't a secret that Microsoft is working on the successor to Windows 7, but the progress so far has remained a secret.

Windows 8, the codename for the next major operating system from Microsoft, may have already passed Milestone 2 progress.

News of this build comes just days before CES 2011, meaning Microsoft might have a sneak preview for a select few, but the chances are very unlikely. The emerging details mean that Microsoft is already working on Milestone 3, which is expected to be completed by the end of February 2011.

Not too many details have leaked out about Windows 8, but its new UI might be called "Wind," where Microsoft plans to create a 3D desktop. Other details suggest that Microsoft might be integrating Windows 8 to the cloud, selling the operating system as more of a service, making deploying and updating a simple task.


BlackBerry Tablet

           According to the rumors from an unnamed source, BlackBerry is working on a tablet similar to the iPad. The rumor says that BlackBerry tablet would be named ‘BlackPad’ or ‘Cobalt’. The BlackPad would be smaller and thinner than the iPad and would have “full BlackBerry OS compatibility and functionality”.

If your love for BlackBerry makes you think of waiting for its tablet instead of buying an iPad, a rumored 2011 launch may disappoint you. According to the source of the rumor, the BlackBerry tablet may not be announced until the WES 2011. As for the specifications, all we know is that RIM was ordering 8.9″ displays (again rumored).

The Apple’s iPad has recreated the new tablet market and a BlackBerry tablet would not really come as a surprise, but then the idea of having BlackBerry OS on a tablet disappoints us. We have already seen big players like HP jumping in the tablet market with HP Slate (and hopes of a WebOS tablet aswell), along with rumors of many others like Google. Will RIM manage to get a super tablet for enterprise customers? or just another failed attempt to encash on Apple’s hype?

BlackPad 2011

iPad 2

           With only weeks to go before its expected unveiling the iPad 2 release date, specs and price are still closely guarded secrets, but that doesn't mean there aren't some juicy rumours, inspired guesses and possibly even Apple leaks to consider.

Here’s some new features for iPad 2 :
- Cameras and a gyroscope
- USB port and SD card slot
- GSM and CDMA
- Thinner and more like a MacBook
- Retina display
- Seven-inch screen
- Faster processor
- More memory

apple-ipad-2 2011

iPhone 5

           Will the 5th generation iPhone deliver ultra-fast mobile internet? Will it ever end up on Verizon in the US?

Here’s some rumours about iPhone 5 :
- The iPhone 5 isn't the Verizon iPhone, and vice versa
- The iPhone 5 will have a different form factor to the iPhone 4
- The iPhone 5 specs will be evolutionary, not revolutionary
- The iPhone 5 specs may include a digital wallet
- The iPhone 5 release date will be in the summer…
- Maybe the iPhone 5 release date will be earlier
- The iPhone 5 specs may include LTE support
- The iPhone 5 price won't change

iphone 5 2011

3D Android phones

           The idea of a 3D phone might conjure up images of consumers texting incessantly on their devices whilst wearing a pair of 3D glasses, these new products from Sharp don’t require any glasses. The phone is initially going to be released in two different versions, one of which will incorporate a touchscreen. The other device will sport a full QWERTY keyboard. Both phones are tailored to a design conscious consumer, and come in thirteen different color combinations.

While the arrival of a 3D phone is certain to grab the attention of diehard fans of such technology, analysts are divided on whether more phones will be developed with 3D capabilities. Though 3D content is becoming more widespread than it once was the majority of the film and gaming content developed by independent companies does not utilize 3D technology. This lack of content could prove to be detrimental for such a phone, although the device sports the capability to view such material; not very much of it is easily available at

3d-phone android

Android 3.0

           Android 3.0 the latest software update for the popular mobile operating system owned by Google, is reportedly set to launch in January 2011. Phone and tablets running the operating system have experienced an enormous boom within the past years, leaving consumers and developers’ alike hungry for a new release of the Android operating system.
The newest version of the platform, which is code-named “Gingerbread,” is set to upgrade the existing OS in multiple ways, including new video capabilities and rumored features that incorporate Google TV.

The popular operating system is currently being run by mobile phones built by a variety of different companies, including Samsung, Acer, Motorola, and HTC. Furthermore, Android is now one of the most popular operating systems for new tablet devices. Presently, Google has yet to comment on its upcoming Gingerbread release, though the company has confirmed that the release will be occurring within the next few months. Many have speculated that such a release could be announced at the CES 2011 conference, at the beginning of January.

Android-3.0 2011

Microsoft Tablet

           As many as 54.8 million tablet PCs will be purchased in 2011 and Microsoft certainly wants its share of the market. Two devices, one from Dell and the other from Samsung, will dominate the touch-screen tablet computers at the 2011 CES, according to PC World.

Designed to compete with Apple's iPad, Samsung will have a 10-inch screen with a unique slide-out keyboard. It will use a variant of Windows 7 for its operating system and have all kinds of Windows programs such as Office already on it. Other manufacturers and tablet PCs have not been reported as of yet. Microsoft plans on marketing the tablet PCs to business people who can read the news and then do their work and be able to multitask. Apps are being planned and will be able to be purchased at an online store much like the Apple iTunes store.

windows-7- 2011

Sony PlayStation Phone

           If rumors to be believed then Sony PlayStation phone might arrive in Spring of 2011. Much talked PlayStation might become a reality soon according to reports at PCWorld. PS phone will bring gaming console on smartphone. It is based on PSPgo- a smaller version of PlayStation Portable with PSP’s gaming controls.

sony-playstation-phone  2011

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