Best iPhone Apps For Valentine’s Day 2011

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I Love You In Every Language

             Impress your girl/boyfriend by telling him/her “I love you” in many languages!
The application offers any in-love person the possibility to be original, to impress its partner with love messages and personalized wallpapers with “I love you” in many languages.
There is nothing more beautiful than to say to somebody “I love you” or somebody to tell you “I love you”. Imagine how beautiful would it be if the person you love would tell you “Ti amo” or “Je t'aime!”
The application allows the user to select from several love-specific backgrounds.
Each background can be customized with the “I love you” quote in various languages, saved to phone and shown or sent to the person you love!
valentine day iPhone app
Love Songs — 100 Greatest of All Time

             Do you remember what song was playing during your first kiss? How about when you slow-danced awkwardly at prom? If your love life were to be turned into a movie, what would be on the soundtrack?
This app is the perfect way to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit…set the mood, awaken the passion, romance your sweetheart, or woo your crush with the perfect background music.
Guys – you know you need some help – get her palms sweating and her heart thumping this Valentines Day with the dreamy tunes in this app.
Ladies – studies show that the right music can induce feelings of love in men…Play this app, and he’ll be sure to have stars in his eyes before the night’s over!
valentine day iPhone songs
My Valentine Heart

             Difficult to say 'Let me be your valentine'? Buy this App and it will show how you feel!
This App is ideal to wish happy valentine's day to your Love.
Surprise your Love with a beautiful heart-composition of roses! Smiles and surprises are guaranteed!
You can prove your love with this App! It will be an unforgettable memory for your Love.
Perfect for everyone who is in love!
Make a gift for your girlfriend/boyfriend only in one step!
Tap the "I love you" text and you can edit the name of your love.
valentine day iPhone apps
iLoveYou - be my Valentine

             Celebrate the most romantic day of the year, with your love and this amazingly beautiful app.
Watch lovely falling hearts or swirl them around while listening to "your song" from your music library or surprise your  sweetheart by setting a picture of your most romantic moment as background image.
Just double tap the screen to get to the settings.
Have a happy Valentine's day with our valentines snowglobe!
valentine day iPhone-app
Love and Valentine's Day Frames

             Tell that special someone you care by sending them a digitally framed picture of yourself. Share the joy and excitement of your romance with your friends and family on Facebook by framing your best photo as a couple. Or send your friends unique digital Valentines.
Love and Valentine's Day Frames makes it easy to frame your photos. With over 14,000 frames and more added daily it's easy to find the perfect one. Our frames are created by millions of artists just like you from around the world. Use photos from Facebook, your Photo Library or use the new Kimi-Cam feature which previews your frame as you take a picture with your iPhone camera. Our powerful FX engine with FX-erasing makes it easy to touch up or dramatically enhance your photos. Once you are done, post your framed photos on Facebook, save to your photo Library, Email or TXT them to a friend.
valentine iPhone apps
Postage ~ Romance

             Let that someone special know how much you love them with a custom Valentine created on your iPhone. With Valentine ~ Postage you can create a romantic postcard from your favorite photos and send them to your loved one from anywhere you happen to be.
The high-resolution postcard designs in Postage ~ Romance can be customized with your own photos and messages. No other application on iPhone comes close to the quality of greeting cards you can create with Postage ~ Romance. When you are finished with your creation share it easily by email, Facebook or Twitter right from your iPhone.
valentine day iPhone
iWrite: Love Poems

             Have you ever made someone's heart skip a beat? Poetry can do that. Create poetry from your heart and your words will soar. So if you love someone, find the courage to let them know. This poetry program offers step-by-step instructions that inspire you to take that chance.
The eight types of poems included are:
Amore ,  Because, Candid, Diamond, Layered, Passion, Tryst, Wish
For each of these poem types, the program provides:
- Objectives
- Example poems
- Brainstorming and Prewriting Activities
- Step-by-step writing instructions
- Tips for revision
Once you successfully complete the structured poems in this program, you'll be able to create more complex work. The specific skills you'll learn using this program include:
- identifying formulas for creating structured forms of poetry
- appreciating the importance of prewriting and revision
- using figurative language to elicit intrigue from someone special
- creating a sustained image to captivate the person of your desires
valentine day app
i love her

             An app to be just two taps away from your loved one!
The simplest way to call, text and e-mail your other half directly from your home screen. Plus, admire her photo every time you are about to make a call. Show her how special she is to you!
valentine day app iphone
An app to tell : Declare your love with style for Valentine's Day

             With « An app to tell », easily record an audio message for the one you love, add a short text and a photo (using the built-in camera or picking from your photo albums), and send an unforgettable memory: an iPhone application dedicated to tell him (or her) your love.
With his dedicated application, he (or she) will be able to listen to you, see you and read you at any time.
iPhone app valentine day
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