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Best iPhone Utilities Applications In 2011

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Brush Buddy

            Brush Buddy is a simple and easy to use utility to help ensure you spend enough time in all the right areas while brushing your teeth. To use Brush Buddy press the Brush! button, and start brushing your teeth. You can set your device down out of view if you'd like, Brush Buddy will play a sound to alert you when to change brushing position or when you're done.
There are 2 ways you can use Brush Buddy:
- A plain 2 minute timer that will play a sound at the end to let you know you're done.
- "Buddy Mode" will help ensure you spend equal time on all of your teeth. With "Buddy Mode" on, you will be shown which section of your teeth you should currently be brushing, and a sound will play to alert you when to move to the next position and when you're finished.

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X-Ray Cams Pro

            X-Ray Cams Pro allows to turn your iphone into a Xray machine!!
Check it out now for free .X-Ray your skull, chest, both hands (from finger tips to elbow), pelvis, knees & even feet bones. Fool your friends, use the X-Ray Cams Pro to discover what is hidden under their clothes, or activate the X-Ray Scanner and watch their beating heart. Your friends will be shocked and amazed!
This application will quickly make you the center of the attention at bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, weddings, bars, anywhere people have had enough alcohol were they can believe.

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Night Cam Plus

            With Night Cam Plus, you can take night vision effect photos and videos. You can even customise it to use it as you want. This includes the ability to use the torch (if available) to get around in dark areas very easily. It uses advanced technology to provide high quality images with a night vision effect. It improves the lighting to make images more visible than from the iPhone camera.
This app has great value. The many options which allow you to play with it are:
Colour - Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Aqua, Yellow
Picture Quality - Low, Normal
Intensity - Low, Medium, High - The level at which the brightness is increased.
Enhance Brightness - On, off - Modifies the brightness to make the image clearer in dark conditions.
Demo - On, off - When on, you can compare the effect to the standard camera image.
Torch - On, off - You can turn the torch on or off if your device has one.

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Hidden Camera

            This app lets you take pictures discretely. It's perfect for museums that don't want you to take pictures of the exhibits. It's also great for taking pictures of weird people in stores without raising too much attention.
App Features :
-Web browser Overlay(make it look like you are browsing the web while you take your pictures)
-Transparency Mode-helps you get the perfect shot but still makes it look like you are browsing the web
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Handy Scanner

            We are glad to introduce Handy Scanner. This extremely useful application works as a scanner so you can keep your most important documents handy at the privacy of your own iPhone. It's fantastic! You can simplify your life just like that.
A great feature of Handy Scanner is that you can select and store only the area of the document that interests you, no need to keep unwanted information.
Handy Scanner allows you to print your documents using Airprint.
Declutter your life, organize yourself and enjoy a stress-free filing system. You can store your receipts, documents, business cards, newspaper ads, articles, etc. The sky is the limit. Enjoy!

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            Levels is a pretty 2-IN-1 app which can help you measure any edge or surfaces.
Start levels and put your device against a wall, or on a table. You can also calibrate manually.
You can even switch to Sphere mode for surface level measuring.


LG TV Remote

            "LG TV remote" is a Wi-Fi remote controller which can control Network-enabled LG TVs released in 2011.When a smart phone and LG TV are connected via router, after a simple pairing process, LG TV may be controlled conveniently with the smart phone similar to a regular or a Magic Motion remote controller.
Supported models :
- LZ9600 Series Higher @ TV 2011
- LW 5500 Series Higher @ TV 2011
- LV 5500 Series Higher @ TV 2011
- LV 3700 Series, (LV372S/ LV373S/ LV375S/ LV3700)
Main Features : 
- VOL/CH: Change volume or channel.
- Touchpad: Control pointer on TV by touching the screen on a smart phone.
- Button: Use direction keys to navigate TV menus or to control media playback.
- Setting: Connect TV, change TV name, set vibration or sound effect.
- Mute for incoming call: Mutes TV for incoming call.



            With this QR Reader you can link the offline world to the online world.
A fast and easy method for scanning and reading barcodes and QR-Codes.
Start the app, point the camera at the code and the app does the rest.


Dog Translation Project

This app allows users to record and upload dog barks into the Dog Translation Project.
Based on scientific research, the Dog Translation Project, aims to create a tool that would translate or classify dog barks into certain situations or behaviors. To achieve this, we must record a large sample of dog barks and then analyze them.
- Download the app 
- Enter your dog's age and breed by clicking on the blue arrow next to its name 
- Record as many situations out of the 5 available and then upload. Uploading may take a minute or two.

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