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Google Mobile Apps For Your Smart Phone

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How to get Google Mobile App :

No matter which phone you have, you can simply visit “” using your phone's web browser and google will send the right version of Google Mobile App to you. Or you can use the links below for direct access. Send a link to your phone.

Supported phones :

google mobile apps

Search by voice

            Speak your queries instead of typing.
Google Voice Search was a tool from Google Labs that allowed someone to use their phone to make a Google query. After the user called (650) 623-6706, the number of Google Voice's search system, they would wait for the words Say your Search Keywords and then say the keywords. Next, they would either wait to have the page updated, or click on a link to bring up the search page the user requested. At the moment, both the demo of this service and the page have been shut down.

My Location

            Avoid typing your current location while searching for nearby businesses (e.g. "pizza" or "best buy"). See your location on the map, with or without GPS. Save time and tedious keystrokes finding where you are, what's around you, and how to get there. Watch the video on the right to see how it works.

Press "0" and look for the blue dot: or 

If you have a GPS-enabled device, this blue dot corresponds to your GPS location. At times, or if you do not have a GPS-enabled phone you might see the blue dot surrounded by a light blue circle (as shown on the right) to indicate uncertainty about your location.

Why the uncertainty? The My Location feature takes information broadcast from mobile towers near you to approximate your current location on the map - it's not GPS, but it comes pretty close (approximately 1000m close, on average).

mylocation google mobile app

Search history

            Quickly search again for queries you recently performed.
Google has more deeply integrated its Web search history product into the mobile version of its search home page. Users in the U.S. who are accessing Google from a compatible mobile phone will see a new history option on the bottom of the page that takes them to a mobile-friendly version of their last 10 searches, along with what time they were queried and from what device. Additional results can then be loaded in 15 at a time.

search history google mobile app

Contact search

            Search your phone's contacts.
You can also quickly call, SMS, or email contacts by typing the first few letters of your contact's first or last name, and then pressing the corresponding button. Google Mobile App will suggest contacts as you type and you can scroll down to select one. Google Mobile App will promote the people you contact frequently to the top of the suggestions list.

  • contact search google mobile app
  • Links to Google applications

                Quickly navigate to other Google services, such as Maps and Gmail.
    To switch between on-device results (email and contacts) and web results (from Google), click on the link underneath the search box.
    google mobile app

    Google Goggles

                Use pictures to search the web.
    Google Goggles lets you use pictures taken with your mobile phone to search the web. It's ideal for things that aren't easy to describe in words. There's no need to type or speak your query - all you have to do is open the app, snap a picture, and wait for your search results.

    Google Goggles works better with certain types of queries. Try taking pictures of books & DVDs, landmarks, barcodes & QR codes, logos, contact info, artwork, businesses, products, or text; it can recognize up to three items at a time. Currently, it's not so good when taking pictures of animals, plants, cars, furniture, or apparel.

    For the best results when taking pictures, hold your phone in "left landscape" mode, as shown below, and press the on-screen shutter button with your right thumb.

    Google Goggles is currently available for Android devices running Android 1.6 and above. It's also available for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 devices through the Google Mobile App. To see which version of Android you're running, go to Settings > About phone > Firmware version.

    Google Suggest

                Tap suggested queries or local businesses that appear as you type.
    To try out Google Suggest on your mobile, simply point your browser to and type in a search query as you would normally. Answers should automatically appear but may need a few refreshes to get it working.
    Google Suggest has been fully featured on the desktop for some time but has only recently been ported over to the mobile version of the search engine.
    Instead of having to complete a full search query, users will be presented with suggested answers as they type it in.

    google suggest mobile app

    Email search

                Search your phone's email. Enter keywords to find the exact message you're looking for. It works just like Google search. Just type (or speak) your query - perhaps the name of the person who sent you the mail or a phrase from the text - and Google Mobile App will search through the emails and contacts on your device and return the results. You can quickly reply to an email or forward it on.

  • email search google mobile app
  • Vertical search

                Search Google Maps, Images, News, and Shopping.
    A vertical search differs from a web search engine in that it organizes websites according to particular topics, genres and media.

    vertical search google mobile app

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