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Useful iPhone Tricks That You Need Them

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How to add words to your iPhone's dictionary

- Open Safari
- Tap the Google search bar in the top right corner
- Type the word you want to add and click search

For example, if you work for a company called "SAF", but the iPhone always corrects it to "Sad", just search for "SAF" on Google one time, and next time you type in "SAF" it won't be corrected.
That's it. There are other methods, such as adding the word as a name in your Contacts, but that takes more work and clutters your contacts.

iphone tricks 2iphone tricks 1

Easy way to stop iPhone auto-correct by typing "z"

           Let's say your typing a note or text message in another language, but typing in English. Or let's say your using a lot of technical jargon and the iPhone tries to correct every other word you type. Going up with your thumb and pressing the little red "X" next to the correction word to make it go away is a pain in the neck.

That being said, you could go into settings and turn off the auto-correct option entirely , but that will keep the iPhone from correcting words that you may actually want to correct. So use this very simple trick:

At the end of a weird word you're certain the iPhone will try to correct, simply type the letter "z".  The auto correction will go away immediately. Now just hit backspace to delete the z, and move along. It seems like a process, but it is much more convenient than pressing the little red X in the correction bubble. Just try it.

iPhone auto-correct 1iPhone auto-correct 2iPhone auto-correct 3

How To Redirect A Call To Voicemail

           Very often people call you, and very often you don't want to answer. A great way to stop the ringing of the phone and not hang up on the person is to send the call directly to voicemail. This is an extremely simple and easy iPhone trick.

How do you do it?
Double click the Sleep/Wake button on the top right of your iPhone.
If you are using headphones, simply double click the microphone button. The only downside to this trick is, well, listening to people's voicemails. voice mail iphone
How to get Hulu  TV shows on your iPhone for offline watching

Hulu in iphone

- Go here  and download Hulu Video Downloader
- Copy and paste the URL to any Hulu video
- Choose a file format (.flv or .avi)
- Use any video converter program to convert it to an iPhone friendly format
- Put the video in iTunes, and sync it up!
Hulu Video Downloader does not allow you to instantly convert the Hulu video to an iPhone friendly format unless you upgrade to the pro version of Hulu Video Downloader, which costs money. So simply download it in .avi or .flv and convert it on your own. It’s Only for Windows.
How to quickly move apps between pages

           One of the most irritating experiences for an iPhone user is moving an application from one page to another. With the average iPhone user having more than 6 pages of apps, dragging an app from the last page to the first is a pain that usually takes several tries.

A lot of people fail to realize that ALL apps are movable, even the 4 on your iPhones silver dock at the bottom of the screen. Let's say you want to move an app from the first page to the last page, or vice versa. Instead of having to drag it to the side of each individual page, messing up the order of other apps, simply place it in that silver dock. Then, scroll to the last page, and drag it in. Just remember to put the original app back in it's place.

iphone tricks

How to stop app crashes

           - Reboot iPhone
Just like your computer, sometimes you just need a plain ole restart. Shut down your iPhone, wait 30 seconds, and power it back up. You'll be surprised how often this works.


- Delete and Re-Install
Press and hold on the application, and tap the "X" to delete it. Connect your iPhone to iTunes, and resync to get the application back.

- Restore your iPhone
Restoring your iPhone wipes all the data, and then rewrites whatever you backed up. This could take some time. If restoring your iPhone doesn't make the application work, give up and wait for an update with bug fixes.

- Reduce your Number of Apps
Sometimes your iPhone is just overwhelmed. Go through your device, and get rid of all the junk apps you never use.

How to add an extension to a contact's phone number

           Rather than listening to the whole "If you know that extension of the party you're trying to reach, enter it now" speach every single time, there's a way to have your iPhone automatically dial the extension along with the phone number.

add an extension to a contact's phone numberadd an extension to a contact's phone number 1

- Click on the contact.
- Click on Edit.
- Press on the number. Then, press "+ * #" in the bottom left corner.
- Press "pause", which inputs a comma. After the comma enter the extension.

add an extension to a contact's phone number 2add an extension to a contact's phone number 3

How to disable auto-correct and auto-capitalize

- Go to Settings
- Go to General
- Go to Keyboard

As you can see, you can toggle Auto-Correction on/off. You can also disable auto-capitalization, enable caps lock, disable the "." shortcut, or change the number of international keyboards.
(The "." shortcut refers to double tapping the space bar to insert a period followed by a space.)

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How To Create A  HTML Email Signature For Your iPhone

           iPhone Signature creator allows you to create a HTML-based signature with colored text for your contact information and you can also add your company logo or avatar, your Facebook, Twitter, Linked and Skype account details, and more.

To create the HTML signature, all you need to do is fill up you contact details in the web-based form (using this link).

iPhone_Signature_CreatorYou can also upload the image or provide the URL of your company logo or avatar.

The web-based form also allows you to enter information about your FaceTime, Facebook, Twitter, Linked and Skype account details.
After you have entered all the details, don’t forget to enter the pin in the “Choose PIN number” field before you hit the “Create signature” button as you will need it later.
When you click/tap Create Signature, it takes you to the completion page with a URL that needs to be opened on your iPhone’s Safari browser.
When you open the URL on your iPhone’s Safari browser, it will prompt you for the PIN number. Type the PIN, but before you tap Go, tap the Plus sign at the bottom of the screen to add the URL to the Home Screen.
If you want to use the HTML signature again, all you need to do is tap the new Home screen icon.
Please remember to also remove the text from the default signature (Settings –> Mail, Contacts, Calendar –> Signature).
Here are some screenshots of sample HTML signatures to give you an idea:

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