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Top Android Security Apps

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SMobile AntiTheft

Android antivirus app 

SMobile’s AntiTheft and Identity Protection security app provides comprehensive protection from mobile viruses and malware, as well as providing a web-based console for remote access to the device.  Via the console, you may remotely wipe the device, and view its GPS location on-demand or periodically via Google Maps. The app will cost you $20.

AntiVirus Free

Anti-virus free is all about protecting your android from viruses, malware and exploits with real-time scanning.

android antivirus free
Feathers :
- Scan whole device and identify and remove viruses with a simpleclick
- Automatic scans can be run weekly, daily, or on demand
- Check apps for malware before downloading from app stores
- Check website content, emails, and SMS for malware before downloading to device
- Locate lost or stolen device using GPS
- Create and display message on screen remotely
- Lock device and wipe content
- Manage applications remotely
- Basic protection from SMS Spammers

Antivirus Pro

Antivirus Pro data security, provides ongoing scanning of Android devices, protecting against viruses, malware, OS exploits to ensure the integrity of applications and data. and additional services for identifying phone location, using ‘findR’ to find lost or stolen devices based on GPS and cell tower id. This is a paid app and costs only $9.99.

android antivirus_pro

Ultimate protection for professional users of Android Smartphones, Tablets and E-Readers. Anti-Virus PRO has all the features of Antivirus FREE, plus:
Feathers :
- All SMS checked in real time for malicious content and spam
- SMS spam blocked at source
- VIP Support : Anti-Virus PRO customers receive premium level support whenever they need
- Anti-Virus PRO is free of advertising and other disruptions

Lookout Mobile Security

AntiVirus, Blocks viruses & malware, Scans memory card to stop viruses from phone to PC. Backup contacts, photos, call history, Access data online. Locates missing phone on map,

android security appsLookout provides safe, secure and seamless backup of your mobile data, automatically over the air.Whether you accidentally delete data, your phone is lost, or even if it’s destroyed, your data is safe. Schedule automatic backups of your data so you can rest assured that you always have an extra copy of your most important data. Access your information at anytime online on the Lookout website, where you can see all your info, save a copy or restore it to a new or existing phone. Back up and restore contacts for free — and with Lookout Premium you can also back up photos and call history.

If you lose your phone, restore your contacts to your existing phone without a hassle once you get it back.Lookout is uniquely designed for your mobile phone to protect against threats including malware, spyware and apps that violate your privacy. With a lightweight and efficient app, Lookout is always connected to ensure you have the most up-to-date, comprehensive protection at all times, automatically. Initiate real-time or scheduled security and privacy scans — it just works, and keeps working. Set it and forget it.Lookout helps you find your phone if it’s lost or stolen, quickly and easily, even if it is out of your hands.

Phone Spam Blocker

Getting SPAM CALLS or TEXT SPAM? NUMBERCOP blocks 50.000 spamming phone numbers: Phone scams, phishing calls and annoying telemarketers. Like Antivirus. Includes daily number updates, FREE for one month.

android spam blocker apps

aFirewall Blocker

android firewall apps

Are you sick of receiving sales calls or perhaps you want the option to block calls and texts at specific times or from a specific person? Well this Android security app is for you. It allows you to block calls and texts from unknown or private callers, and you can specify a list of unblocked or blocked numbers. You can set it up to forward blocked calls to voicemail if you want or even auto reply with a text. This is a really handy security app for your Android phone and it costs $1.99.

WaveSecure Mobile Security

Android antivirus appsAnother one of the best security suites for Android is WaveSecure Mobile Security from McAfee. If your phone is lost or stolen you can take advantage of the remote lock feature. You can also remotely wipe the data stored on your phone so no one else can get their hands on your private messages, photos or documents. The ability to backup your phone to a secure online location is very handy and you can restore that data to a new phone or even just access it online if you want. Finally there is the locate and track feature which will show you the location of your phone on a map. It is also capable of tracking SIM cards inserted into the phone and the phone calls made in order to help you recover your phone.

App Protector

The next Android security app is the Protector. This app is quite different compared to the previous two Android apps since it enables users to password protect any application stored on their smartphone. This security app takes it one step further by enabling users to even password protect any feature of an existing app on your smartphone. Many users will experience the benefits of this security app. The Protector allows users to password protect various Android apps including Chat, Notepad, Calendar, Photos, Setting, Email, Gmail and even their SMS inbox.

android security app

The Protector can even allow you to password protect specific features of a certain app if you wish to. The security of these apps is never compromised even if you are using a task manager. It is important to know that you are required a specific pin code to uninstall the Protector app from your smartphone. One negative aspect of this app is that it does not provide a pin recovery service. So it will cause quite a lot of problems is you forget or lose your pin code. The three  Android security apps above are just a few essential apps available to protect your Android smartphone along with its data. It is wise to have at least one of these apps on your handset for your protection.

Norton Mobile Security™

Protect your mobile device and the information on it with free Norton Mobile Security™. If your mobile device is lost, stolen, or its SIM card removed, you can remotely disable your mobile device to prevent thieves from using it or accessing your private information. You can even remotely delete all of your personal information so cybercriminals can’t use it to steal your identity or money.

android security norton app Feathers :
- Lets you remotely lock your phone if it’s stolen so thieves can’t use it and run up your bill.
- Sends you the exact GPS coordinates of your phone so you can instantly locate it.
- Instantly locks your phone if its SIM card is removed, so it can’t be used with another SIM card.
- Prevents access to your private information if your mobile device is lost or stolen
- Remotely erases all information from your mobile device, if you choose
- Lets you block annoying and unwanted calls and text messages

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