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Android Apps For Tax Season

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Uk Income Tax Calculator

               Simple Android app to calculate the amount of income tax you should be paying.

income-tax-calculator android apps

Canadian Income Tax Calculator

               Simple Income Tax Calculator for Canadians
Support RRSP calculation.
Based on Tax year 2010.

canadian-income-tax-calculator android app

Australian Income Tax Calc

               Income tax / Net Income calculator for Australian , 2011 tax rates.
Just a simple calculator with a table and that's it.

australian-income-tax android app

Chinese Income Tax Calculator

               A comprehensive Chinese income tax calculator. It can be used to calculate tax payable for 11 different types of taxable personal income. Help text is also available to guide through the calculation. Very easy to use.

chinese-income-tax android app

Income Tax Approximation

               Have you ever wanted to know how much income tax you are expected and required to pay based on the income that you bring home? Usually this requires CPA's, Tax advisors, etc. And the list goes on.

income-tax android app

TAX (International)

               TAX (International Version) is a completely customizable application that can be configured to suit most tax systems.It is designed to assist individuals, sole traders and small businesses determine tax obligations. Unlimited income streams and expenses can be stored and tracked.

tax apps android

Real Estate Income Secrets

               Find Out Everything You Need To Know To Start Investing In Real Estate And Set Up A Comfortable Residual Income That Will Give You The Freedom To Do What You Love!

real-estate-income-secrets android app

H&R Block Tax Central

               Power up H&R Block Tax Central tax app on your Android to have access to multiple income tax tools.

- Get quick answers to the most often asked questions being asked by tax filers.

- Create a customized tax preparation checklist.

- Stay informed of important dates pertaining to your personal tax situation.

- Estimate the amount of your tax refund with the Tax Estimator.

- Access hundreds of tax terms in the A-Z tax glossary.

- Use GPS or zip code to find the nearest H&R Block office.

-Test your income tax know-how with an interactive quiz.

tax-central android app

IRS2Go for Android

               After you file your tax return, this free tax app will check the status of your federal tax refund on your Android device. If you e-file your taxes, IRS2Go reports you return status within 72 hours. Paper filers don't have it so good - if you file a paper return, you have to wait 3-4 weeks to check your tax refund status.

Use the IRS2Go tax app before filing your tax return to get daily tax tips written in plain English to help you with your tax planning and preparation.

android app for tax income

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