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Do You know About iPad 2 Tips and Tricks

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Pressing And Hold Virtual Keys

              Holding down on certain virtual keys will bring you to some additional options. This kind of function applies to vowels, consonants like C and S etc., even some punctuation marks. You’ll get some extra helpful options by pressing and hold these virtual keys. It’s best to try them all in order to get a feel for your options.

Common Keyboard Shortcuts

             If you connect your iPad to the Apple Bluetooth keyboard or the Apple iPad Keyboard Dock, you can actually use some of the same keyboard shortcuts that you are used to using on your Mac. Here are some great keyboard shortcuts you can use:
- Command-C, X, and V for Copy, Cut and Paste
- Command-Shift-Arrow key-based text selection
- Option-key shortcuts for typing diacritical characters
- Command-Z and Shift-Command-Z for Undo and Redo

Avoiding Application Exits

             If you press the Home button by mistake in an app so that you’re forced to quit this app, there is a useful method for you to avoid application exit. Just keep holding down on the Home button without letting go of it. It means to tell the iPad that you really didn’t want to close down that app.

Closing Background Apps

             It is a great iPad 2 tip you definitely want to know about. It is a great iPad 2 tip you definitely want to know about. In fact, some apps chew up data and resources while running, and more or less bring some affect to the speed of other running apps. So you’d better to close apps that are still running in the background.
To force an app to close completely, you can follow the below simple steps.
- Double-tap the Home button to bring up the multitasking bar. 
- Then press and hold on any one of the apps you see until them start dancing around.
- Now tap the red circle on the running apps in your multitasking bar that you’d like to quit.

Hidden Music Playback Controls

             To find the music controls, just double-tap the Home button, then swipe to the left and you will finally see the music controls.  Coincidentally, you will also see this is where the screen orientation lock and brightness controls are.

Launch Apps Quickly

             If you have a lot of apps and a lot of pages of them then you might want to launch one quickly instead of swiping through screen after screen. In this case, you can use Spotlight (from tip #6) to help you launch apps a lot quicker. Tap the Home button to get to your first home screen, and then either tap it again or swipe to reveal the Spotlight. Now, start typing the first few letters of the App’s name and then tap the result to launch it.  The best part is that as you use this, Spotlight will remember your frequently used apps and thus they are right there for you just a tap away.   

Add More Apps into Your Dock

             The app dock has 4 apps by default but in fact you can have 6. All you have to do is hold down on any of your apps on the home screen (or any of your screens) until they are dancing around. Then just drag an app to your dock and it will stay right there.

Different Touch Gestures on Virtual Keys

             For tablets, we all know that different touch gestures on certain virtual keys will sometimes display different options. For example, swipe up quickly on the “comma” key and it will insert an apostrophe, while swipe up on the period key inserts a quotation mark. But apparently, if you tap the two keys, you will get totally different options.

Great Auto-correction Function

             iPad 2 has a great function, auto-correction algorithm, which can give you cool experience when you’re typing using the on-screen keyboard. Incredibly, the faster you allow yourself to type, the better the algorithm will become and it will soon learn the words you actually meant to type. You don’t have to look and check everything during typing. You only need to see how close it comes after you finish typing. Of course, if it’s an important email, definitely check before tapping “send”.

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