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Hack iPhone ! Why ?

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Send and receive MMS

             Originally available for iPhones using 1.x firmware, Swirly MMS has been ported to iPhone 2.0 with a two-week trial and license fee of US$8. MMS messages are charged at the standard carrier rate, and you’ll need to input the relevant settings for your carrier manually.

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Record video

             Cycorder is a powerful video recording application that uses the same high-quality MJEG compression used by most compact cameras. It records video at 6-15 frames per second, depending on the lighting conditions, at 384 x 288 resolution and 4:3 aspect ratio. It’s free, but you have to view a small strip of ads at the top of the screen.

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Improve the digital camera

             The iPhone’s native camera software has no settings or extra features whatsoever – a serious shortcoming that’s fixed by Snapture, which is available in the Basic ad-supported version or Premium for US$8. Features include colour modes, burst modes, digital zoom and a timer.


Cheaper and better text messaging

             BiteSMS lets bypass your carrier and send text messages for only 10 cents each worldwide. Even if you’ve got unlimited text messaging on your plan, you can elect to use BiteSMS through your carrier and benefit from the program’s character counter and ability to forward text messages.

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Customise the interface

             Winterboard offers a wealth of personalisation options, including the ability to change the default black background to any image, replace the stock program icons, and change the look and feel of certain applications. It’s free, and there are dozens of themes available.


Copy and paste

             We’re still waiting on system-wide copy and paste, but in the meantime, the freeware CopierciN is the next best thing, letting you copy text from SMS, Contacts, Notes and Email and paste them into a new text message, note or email.

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Use as a tethered modem

             PdaNet lets you use your iPhone as a tethered modem for your laptop by turning it into a wireless router. No proxies or complex setup procedures are involved – simply set up a wireless ad-hoc network on your PC and connect it to the iPhone.

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Proper formatting for phone numbers

             We’re not sure why the display of phone numbers on the iPhone hasn’t been properly localised for Australia, but installing the Aussie Number Localization applet ensures that all the spaces between each block of numbers are inserted at the right intervals.

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Organise applications into folders

             If you’re tired of swiping through pages and pages of applications to find the one you’re looking for, you’ll love the Categories program. This ad-supported freeware app lets you create separate folders for organising different types of software, like Games, Entertainment and Productivity.

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