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iPad 2 Useful Tips And Tricks

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Use the Side Switch

              You can use that neat switch on the side either to enable and disable audio alerts (this doesn't affect video/audio playback) or to lock the screen's orientation in portrait or landscape mode. You can toggle which function is assigned to the side switch by “opening Settings from the Home screen, selecting General, and choosing the function you want under the 'Use Side Switch to' heading”.

Multitask in iOS

              You probably already know that you can press the Home button twice to bring up a list of currently running or suspended apps. However, you can also swipe the multitasking bar left to right to quickly access audio/video playback controls, a shortcut to the iTunes app itself, and volume controls. Also, when you “choose whether the Side Switch should mute alert sounds or lock the screen orientation “, the function you didn't choose will appear in this shortcut bar.

Don't let AutoCorrect mess you up

              If you don't like the option AutoCorrect gives you, reject it by finishing the word as you prefer, and then tapping the suggestion. If you want to use AutoCorrect's choice, just “type a space or punctuation mark, or tap Return, the moment it pops up”.

Prevent automatic sync once

              Sometimes you don't want to sync your iPad when you connect it to your computer. In this case, “hold down Shift-Control (or Command-Option, on a Mac) “ in iTunes while plugging your iPad in, and iTunes will skip the automatic sync just once. Alternatively, you can safely interrupt a sync by dragging the unlock slider while the iPad is midsync.

Make your passcode more complicated

              iOS defaults to a four-number passcode, but you can turn it off by going to Settings, General, Passcode Lock, Simple Passcode. Now you can use any full keyboard password to lock the iPad. The password also helps to encrypt your mail and attachments on the iPad, so you probably want to make it safer than a four-digit number.

Turn off in-app purchases

              “Go to Settings, General, Restrictions and tap Enable Restrictions” to selectively enable restrictions that apply to your apps, content, Game Center, and more. If you're worried about other people breaking your bank account on in-app purchases, just disable In-App Purchases under the 'Allowed Content' setting.

Switch up the fetching frequency

              Your iPad automatically grabs new data, such as incoming e-mail. However, the iPad periodically activates apps that don't support iOS's Push feature so that they can go "Fetch" new data--which uses the tablet's battery life. You can tweak your Push and Fetch settings in Settings, Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Fetch New Data.

Swap the search engine

              Too good for Google? You can change Safari's default search engine by going to Settings, Safari, Search Engine. Alas, you can only choose from Google, Bing, or Yahoo--no bringing back AltaVista for you.

Take a screenshot of whatever is on the screen

              “ Press Home and the sleep/wake button “simultaneously. The screenshot will automatically appear among your photos.

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