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Quick Tips For iPad 2

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ipad 2 tips

Specify your Spotlight searches

              The iPad uses Spotlight for its built-in search functions, and you can tweak it to your needs in    “ Settings, General, Spotlight Search”. If you have a lot of data on your iPad, for example, you can selectively disable search in different categories (Contacts, Applications, Audiobooks, Notes, Events, Mail, and so on) that you don't use so that your desired results show up faster. You can also simply change the order in which the search-result categories display by dragging them up and down, so that your more frequently used search categories show up at the top of the page.

Share podcasts with friends

              Listening to a podcast that you think a friend would like? You can share the link while you're listening to it by “ pressing the Email button “while it's open.

Don't forget your downloads

              You can immediately see if your iTunes account is due for any incoming downloads by opening iTunes on your PC,” clicking the Store menu, and selecting Check for available downloads”. This trick can come in handy if your download process is interrupted, or if you missed some bonus iTunes content that came with an album you purchased.

Turn on Universal Access

              You can enable options such as closed-captioned movies, Voice Over screen reading, zoom magnification, and inverted white-on-black text by selecting the iPad in iTunes, “opening the Summary tab, and clicking Configure Universal Access under the Options heading “.

Choose an app for e-mail attachments

              You can open a file attached to an e-mail message by tapping the attachment in Mail, but if the default app isn't the one you want to use, you can press and hold and wait for a menu that lets you select an app.

Use the iPad as a picture frame

              Not for physical photographs, silly. You can “press the Picture icon in the lower-right corner of the Lock screen “ to have the iPad display its available photos.

Sync your bookmarks

              You can use iTunes to sync your iPad's Safari bookmarks with your PC's Web browser. “Open the iPad tab in iTunes, click the Info tab, scroll down to the Other heading, check Sync bookmarks with, and choose your preferred browser”.

E-mail photos

              The easiest way to e-mail photos from an iPad is  “to open the Photos app, select a photo, press the button in the upper-right corner (the rectangle with the arrow, not the trash button), and choose Email photo... to send “.

Take a free guided tour

              Apple provides video tours for each of the preinstalled apps, so you can get a good look at how to use them.

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