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Top Micro-Apps for Windows

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            GoogleDocsNotifier has a pretty descriptive name, so it probably comes as no surprise that it notifies you of new and unread Google Docs that show up in your account. If you want to access any of those docs as they come in, you can just click them in the GoogleDocsNotifier panel and they'll open up in your default web browser. Download



            For those of you out there who have trouble watching your hard drive space and are surprised to find it filled to the brim, TrayDiskFree provides you with a tiny little indicator to let you know how much space you have remaining.Download



            GMinder provides you with system tray-based access to your Google Calendars. If you have upcoming events, it can alert you so you don't miss them. All you have to do is sign in with your Google account and it'll start downloading your calendar info right into your system tray. Download



            ClipCube is a system tray utility that records your clipboard history, making it easily accessible when you need it and out of your way when you don't. As an added bonus, if you have a URL in your clipboard history, ClipCube will let you simply click on it to bring it up in your default web browser. Download



            If you use multiple monitors, UltraMon is a must-have. Along with other great features, one of the most handy UltraMon's extension of the task bar. If you have a window on one monitor and minimize it to the task bar, it only shows up on the portion of the task bar that's on that specific monitor. Along with unified wallpaper and other handy features, UltraMon is very, very useful for multi-monitor setups. The only real downside is that it's pretty expensive ($39), but they do give you a free trial so you can see if it's worth it for you. Download



            QuickSync lives in your system tray and is a super quick, super easy to set up folder synchronizing utility. You just drag a folder on the QuickSync drop zone and set up any synchronization rules you want. You can schedule a sync so it happens automatically, and you're provided with several great options for dealing with sync conflicts. Download



            Fences is a little Windows micro-app that organizes your desktop icons into neat little sections that you can label and move around as you please. It's incredibly handy for keeping your desktop neat and organized, and looks pretty great too. Download


Fluffy App

            FluffyApp is basically a third-party port of the handy Mac micro-app CloudApp (which you can read more about in the Mac section of this post). FluffyApp sits in your system tray and uploads any file you drag onto it. It'll provide you with a link as soon as it's done so you can easily email that link (or do whatever you want with it). Download



            AutoHotKey is an incredible little utility that lets you write scripts to automate practically anything on your Windows system. You can even create full-fledged applications with it, such as Texter, to handle all kinds of tasks for you. It's actually not strictly an app, but AHK scripts run by default in your system tray. AutoHotkey is pretty amazing, and is something you need to check out right now if you've yet to do so. Download


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