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Top News About Android

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Google Talk with video and voice chat for Android

           Android: We've always had a few video chat options on Android, but today Google launched its official offering for Android 2.3. Now you can video chat with anyone on Google Talk, whether over Wi-Fi or 3G, and to phones, tablets, and desktop computers.

While we've always liked apps like the mobile Fring or cross-platform Skype on Android, it's pretty exciting to see an official offering from Google. Not only can you video chat with any Android or Gmail web user right from your phone, you can do it over nearly any data connection—3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi. You can also text chat with them while you video chat, which is something you don't see often in other apps. It'll just overlay any text chats over the video as you talk. You can also jump out of the video chat to check something on your phone, and jump right back in as if nothing happened.

Right now, the updates rolling out to all Nexus S devices gradually over the next few weeks. Once other phones start to get Android 2.3 Gingerbread, though, this update will probably come along with it (depending on your device).

Google Docs Android Application>

           Google leverages the power of the cloud for many of its applications. Gmail, Calendar, Docs, all of these services store your data on the cloud. Recently, Google has released a native Android application for their Docs service. Yes, this app is useful for managing your documents on the run. Heck, you can even share documents with editors from where ever you happen to be on the planet. Speaking of which, you can use Google Docs to store all of your sensitive travel documents and keep them with you on your Android. Below are some simple steps that can help make this happen.

Step One: Create a folder on your desktop. Google Docs now allows you to upload folders. This is particularly handy because you can keep all of your travel documents in one categorized spot. This frees you from having to search through multiple Google documents in order to find the right item.

Step Two: Scan any and all travel documents that you will be needing for the trip. Vouchers, passport, itinerary, upload all documents deemed useful to you. If you have a medical proxy scan this too. After all documents have been scanned save them to your newly created folder.

Step Three: Log-in to Google Docs and select the upload button located next to the "create new" button. After this select folder. You will then be able to select the folder you want to upload from a drop down menu. After this your folder and all of its contents will be uploaded.

If you travel often Google Docs and Android can be a handy and totally digital method of keeping your important documents safe.

HBO Go Hits Android Devices

           The long-anticipated HBO Go app just hit the iOS App Store and Android Market, bringing original HBO series and a variety of blockbuster films to your mobile device. You’ll need an HBO subscription with your cable or satellite provider to get past the login screen, but unlocking all that the service has to offer is a pretty easy experience.

hbo-go android

Although, it doesn’t seem Time Warner Cable is participating so if you’ve got that cable service, you’re out of luck — at least for now.

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