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Top Tips & Tricks For Chrome

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Upgrade Chrome's Basic Powers

            Google built and released Chrome with a focus on making it fast, powerful, and minimalist. More features and helpful tools have fallen into place over time, but there are still many features that users of Firefox, or certain Firefox extensions, can't imagine living without. Enter the Chrome Toolbox.

Chrome's Basic Powers

Chrome Toolbox adds a button to Chrome's toolbar that offers a few handy functions, although most of them are accessible by keyboard shortcuts. It's in right-clicking the Toolbox button and hitting "Options" that you'll find its true power. You can tweak Chrome's behavior for videos, links, and images, compare Chrome's shortcuts to other browsers, set entire folders of bookmarks to launch from keyboard shortcuts, and, perhaps most helpfully, browse links to other power extensions from Google and third parties:

- Screen Capture

- Download Assistant, which allows Chrome to work with sophisticated download managers

- Tab Menu, for making sense of all the tabs you keep open.

Chat and Communication, Without IM Clients

            If you only keep IM open for the occasional pings, and mostly use AIM or Google Talk (a.k.a. Gchat), I recommend simply launching chat from the left-hand sidebar box, then keeping Gmail open in a (pinned) tab. With desktop notifications now baked into Chrome, Gmail gets the job of waiting for someone to distract you done pretty well. Plus, the ability to call anybody from that same window comes in quite handy, and the keyboard shortcuts are easy enough to learn. Hold Shift and hit the "?" key inside Gmail to both see the shortcuts and enable them, if necessary.

chat with chrome

Need more chat protocols, or like a more robust interface than Gmail's solid-color blocks? Meebo is the reigning champ when it comes to multi-service IM, and a Chrome notifier can keep you informed on who's pinging you. When I need Skype or another service, I personally prefer, mostly because it offers the same Chrome-based desktop notifications.

Make Your Chrome Setup Work Anywhere

            If you're going to put good time and effort into picking out great webapps, you should have them everywhere you work. Chrome's built-in syncing feature handles most everything on systems where you can install Chrome, but what about other systems, and maybe other browsers?

Literally Take Chrome With You via Portable Chrome

            If you're mostly traveling among Windows systems, Google Chrome Portable, from suite, fits easily on your USB key drive, and that's exactly where you should keep it—on a keychain or something else you'll always have with you. Set up Portable Chrome like you would if it was on a desktop, with your favorite extensions and everything synced. When you load it up from your USB drive, it will take a minute to catch up to what you've been doing on other Chrome systems, but then it's ready to roll.

Free Your Startup Page with Jolicloud or

            Before your find yourself at a computer without installation rights, or borrowing a friend or spouse's system, set up a start page you can get to from anywhere. Jolicloud's web-based desktop and' stylish start pages make for great web-based start pages.

jolicloud chrome

Jolicloud is a Linux-based OS intended for lower-power computers and netbooks, but it's also a web-based, HTML5-coded Chrome webapp and web-accessible desktop. The "Apps" page is a very Chrome-like set of site links and icons, and serves its purpose. What's nicer is how you can link your Dropbox account, and your Google Docs access, to Jolicloud and get to them from a tab on your Jolicloud desktop. Sign up for an account, link in your storage, and have your important stuff available anywhere.

LastPass Bookmarklets

            Password management tool LastPass is often mentioned and highly recommended by Lifehacker. It offers plug-ins for any browser, and it's accessible from the web, but if you're made to use another browser away from your beloved Chrome setup, you can turn to its "Fill this!" bookmarklet as a kind of makeshift LastPass plug-in. Add that bookmark to a browser toolbar, click it, log in, and click it again to fill in any user/password fields. When you log out, it's a useless link, so you need not worry if you forget to delete it.

lastpass_bookmarklets for chrome

Play Your Music From Chrome

            Keeping a stash of music inside Dropbox for access anywhere you go makes good sense.  If so, you're going to want to get into DropTunes, a jukebox-style webapp that lets you hit Play on a folder of music and let it keep running from there. Take note of DropTunes' HTML5 link in the upper-right if you want to avoid the Flash interface.

Maybe you're into the newer, bigger hotness of Amazon's Cloud Drive and Cloud Player? Not a problem, as there's a stand-alone webapp for Chrome, along with a helpful keyMazony extension that makes Cloud Player respond to keyboard shortcuts.

Speechify for Chrome Adds a Search-by-Voice Button to Major Sites

            Voice input is now baked into Chrome's Beta version and soon to hit the standard, stable release. When it does, consider installing Speechify. This simple, handy extension adds a microphone icon to Google, Amazon, Hulu, and other sites, so you can simply say what you're searching for.

voice_search for chrome

Speechify adds its icon to, in particular, and with the power of Google Instant, that means you can search Google without ever having to hit Enter. How well Speechify works for you depends on your computer's mic, as well as your ability to speak clearly at a fairly rapid clip. For those who don't mind talking to themselves, though, it could be rather convenient.

Speechify is a free download for Chrome's Beta and Dev channels at the moment, and will soon work in Stable.

            Well, this is the “” extension for Chrome, so you have a little toolstrip menu for listening music. You can Love / Ban songs and skip them as well. Have fun! Download.

chrome fm

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