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You Can Wait For iPad 3 Instead Of To Buy iPad 2

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If you haven’t bought an iPad, the iPad 2 might be a worthwhile buy, especially if you want to spend $600 on the very best Angry Birds game console ever created. But if you already have an iPad, save your money.

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The iPad is as good a media player as the iPad 2

             The iPad 2 doesn't increase the resolution or improve the brightness or colors of its display over the first iPad, so as a plain movie viewer, there's no compelling reason to replace your iPad. There are no movies you can watch or songs you can listen to on the iPad 2 that you can't on the original iPad.
The iPad is as good an ebook reader as the iPad 2

             Once again, same screen, same ebook reader. The iPad 2 isn't going to display newspapers, magazines, and books any better than the original iPad. At best, the iPad 2 will load large documents like PDFs faster than the iPad, but that's it. Not a good justification to toss out your tablet and spend $500 on a new one.
The iPad can output video to an HDTV just like an iPad 2

             Apple announced the Digital AV Adapter alongside the iPad 2, and showed off its video-mirroring feature as a strong benefit of the new tablet. Unfortunately, video mirroring only works with the iPad 2, but the adapter itself works just fine with the old iPad. You can still use your original iPad as an HDTV-slinging movie player, albeit at 720p compared to the iPad 2's 1080p maximum output resolution. (Update: The Digital AV Adapter only works with the first iPad at up to 720p, while the iPad 2 can output at 1080p through the adapter and supports video mirroring. You can still send video to your HDTV through your original iPad, but it will be slightly lower resolution. Whether that's a deal-breaker is up to you.)

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