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Top Tips & Tricks For Your Business’s Facebook Fan Page

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Call-To-Action - Graphic

More of a piece of advice than a trick. The main purpose of your Facebook landing page is to convert visitors into fans. Place a clear call-to-action graphic in the landing tab, this will help getting more "Likes" from your visitors.

Example: RedBull’s "Red Bull" tab has nothing but a call-to-action on it.

red bull facebook page

Hiding Content From Non-Fans

This can be use as a teaser to encourage visitors to "Like" your page and become a fan.

increase fans facebook page

The code:

<fb:fbml version="1.1"> 

    <fb:visible-to-connection>This part is visible for fans only! 

        <fb:else>This part is visible for non-fans</fb:else> 



Code explanation:

- fb:visible-to-connect – the part that only your fans will see;

- fb:else – the part for non-fans.

Most of the pages use an image with a call-to-action for a fb:else tag, and the page itself goes under the fb:visible-to-connect. That’s really easy to do, and very powerful.

Products Commenting

This feature is great for setting a little store under your Facebook business page as you can have each of your products liked and commented.

facebook like in bussines page

The code:

<fb:comments xid="YOUR_PRODUCT_UNIQUE_ID_#1" canpost="true" showform="true"

candelete="false" numposts="3" returnurl="http://YOUR_PRODUCT_HOME_URL"> 


Code explanation:

- xid – unique identifier of the item you put comments on;

- returnurl – the URL, to which likes and comments will stick.

The rest of the parameters is used to configure the plugin itself and are pretty self-explanatory.

Insert "Share Button"

With this button you can have Facebookers share almost anything. Put the URL you wish to share in the code and once a person uses the Share button, all his friends will see this URL in their news feed.


The code:

<fb:share-button class="meta"> 

    <link rel="target_url" href=""/> 


Insert Flash Content

insert flash in facebook page

The code:

<fb:swf swfbgcolor="000000" swfsrc=''

imgsrc='' width='760' height='920' /> 

Code explanation:

- swfsrc – source of the .swf file;

- imgsrc – source of the image that is being displayed, before you flash.

Remember that you need a preview image which people will see before they launch Flash.

Image Rollover

People can go rather creative about this trick, but it’s really simple to do with HTML + CSS, which is supported by FBML box.

image rollover-facebook page

The code:


    img.nohover {border:0} 

    img.hover {border:0;display:none} 

    a:hover img.hover {display:inline} 

    a:hover img.nohover {display:none} 



    <img src="base_image.jpg" class="nohover"> 

    <img src="hover_image.jpg" class="hover"> 


Track With Google Analytics

Facebook analytics system has limited information? No problem! You can set Google Analytics on your Facebook page.

google-analytics facebook-page

Just create up a new account in Google Analytics using your Facebook page URL, copy your UA-XXXXXXX-XX number and insert it here:

<fb:google-analytics uacct="UA-9999999-99" /> 

Place this line at the top of your FBML code and in a couple of hours you’ll see stats in Google Analytics.

Add "Invite Your Friends" Box

This is basically a standalone box, which is really hard to embed to a page design. However this is probably the best solution for a page footer that you can think of, as your visitors can instantly choose some of their friends and send them invitations to your page.

invite-your-friends-box facebook page

The code:

<fb:request-form method="post" type="[your organization]" invite="true" content="Check out [your organization]<fb:req-choice url='' ' label='GO' /> "> 

    <fb:multi-friend-selector actiontext="Tell your friends about [your organization]" rows="3" showborder="true" /> 


To shrink the entire box size, just add [ cols="3" ] into the code (Line: 2). Here’s an example:

<fb:multi-friend-selector actiontext="Tell your Friends about The EQ Effect"

rows="3" cols="3" showborder="true" /> </fb:request-form> 

Pop-Up Dialog

If there’s too much content on your page, you can hide some parts of it under the pop-up boxes. The code adds a text link, which results in a pop-up dialog text box.


The code:

<a clicktoshowdialog="dialog-name" href="#" >Click here to launch the pop-up dialog</a>.


<fb:dialog id="dialog-name"> 

<fb:dialog-title>POP-UP DIALOG NAME</fb:dialog-title> 

<fb:dialog-content>Here goes your pop-up dialog content</fb:dialog-content> 

<fb:dialog-button type="submit" value="Close" close_dialog="1" /></fb:dialog>


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