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Valentine’s Day Love Messages

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Valentine’s Day is the day which is celebrated all over the world as the day of love. It is the perfect day to communicate your deep feelings of passion and affection towards someone you have fallen for. As the increasing trends of cell phones, peoples have selected text messages as a medium to send.

Valentine's Day Messages for Her

  • This is not fare, you took my heart away leaving me wonder what exactly happened to me. So will you let me steal your kisses in return
  • The way you love me is too cute, it reminds me of honey buns. All i want us to get a little more sweet together
  • I know we love each other a lot. But still, i like to knock the doors of your heart! It ensures me that i still live there
  • You know its strange that i wake up every morning as excited as a little kid. It happens because nothing can beat the joy of waking up in your arms everyday
  • Having you around me, makes me feel alive. I feel scared to be alone, as now i don't know how does it feels like
  • Just when i think i can't be more happy and content in my life, you appear in front of my eyes and clear the air of this hype
  • It is impossible for me that i don't smile while looking at you. When you smile back at me, my heart overflows with the feeling of joy
  • Whenever i look back in time. i cherish the time we spent together. our hangouts, our fights, our project works, i miss everything. Happy valentines day friend!
  • I can discuss everything with you under the sun. The time spend together is full of happiness and fun. Happy valentines my lovely friend!
  • Our love is special, for we were destined to be; against all odds we found each other and I promise you that I will never let you go.
  • I know now that I want to grow old with you and love you till the end of time.
  • Love is four lettered word whose meaning I truly understood only after you walked into my life, thank you for being there for me always.

Valentine's Day Messages for Him

  • When I look into your eyes all I can see is happiness and sunshine, you bring all that is beautiful into my life.
  • Loving you has been a journey of discovery for me. I never knew the happiness that true love could bring up until the time that I met you.
  • All that I need to get me through the day is a kiss from your lips in the morning.
  • There is not a moment in the day when I do not think about you, I love each and everything about you.
  • Words are not enough to tell you how much I love you and how I really feel, so I try each and every day to tell you in small ways that I love you with all my heart.
  • They say that we fall in love once in our lifetime, I know that it isn't true because every day I fall in love with you all over again.
  • When I think of your sweet smile, a smile comes to my lips too unbidden.
  • Love isn't about holding hands and spending time with each other, it is about being there for your lover through the cloudiest of skies.
  • The sweetest memories that I have, are the ones that I have made with you; you make living worthwhile.
  • Every wish of mine came true, the moment that I found you, I love you.
  • Nothing can ever give you more happiness than the smile of a lover, and the knowledge that you are the reason behind the smile.
  • When two hearts come together they make the world complete, nothing more is ever needed than love.

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