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Not expensive ideas for a brilliant Valentine’s day

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It doesn’t matter if you’re single or happily loved up, there’s no escaping February the 14th.  To get you in the spirit we’ve come up with a selection of ideas that won’t send shockwaves through a student budget.
Don’t panic, these ideas aren’t all just for the painfully in-love either – singleton Valentine’s fun here we come!

Cook a home-made meal
Cooking is the easiest option for those looking for romance on a budget. You don’t have to be Jamie Oliver to rustle up something that’ll get you to a second date either; if you’re stuck for ideas why not try our stuffed turkey with smokey bacon or an easy chilli.
If you’re really struggling then there’s always the supermarket’s finest selection of ready meals – just make sure to check out our money saving tips first.

Go see a movie
The old favourite that never goes away; the cinema date. It might have got a lot of stick in the past, but watching a flick is a great conversation starter for the drinks you’ll inevitably go for later.
Just don’t forget to buy your tickets in advance as lots of people will have the same idea and stock up on plenty of popcorn and treats. Don’t forget to share!

Make a gift
Making your Valentine a great homemade gift could really woo them over. Not only do you get to keep most of your cash firmly in your pocket, it will also look like you’ve made a stellar effort.
For first dates, try making chocolate truffles – very easy but impressive! Or if you’ve been together a while, buy a large picture frame and put in all your favourite photos of you together.

Check out the deals we chose for you
If you’re still struggling for ideas or are just looking for something a bit different then make sure to check out our deals section below:

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