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Men Hate Shopping? But still have to shop for your valentine

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For ages, women have been the ones that called each other up and made dates with one another to spend the entire day shopping for clothes, purses, accessories, and lest we forget their favorite: shoes.
Guys, on the other hand, groan at the idea of having to head to the mall, especially with their women. They abhor the idea of trying on clothes, wandering around aimlessly, then carrying a busload of bags to the car, most of which don't belong to them anyway.

Single guys, however, are becoming more and more keen on spending Saturdays at the mall because they're picking up on a little known secret. Perhaps they enjoy trying on all the different textures of material offered, and those colors — oh, those rich colors... yeah, right.
Guys have finally picked up on the fact that if that's where the women are at, then hey, maybe — they — can — meet — a — woman — there. What a novel idea. But keep in mind that these guys are shopping, yes, just not for clothes.

How many times have I seen guys walking around by themselves in the woman's section of a store? Some would call them pervs or cross-dressers, but the truth is that most of them are looking to hook up with a size 5.

Back to the dirty deed

Nevertheless, it's no surprise that men usually take no more than one hour to refresh their entire wardrobe. They simply point at what they want, ask for a certain size and hand over their credit cards. Every saleswoman's dream.
Why is it so easy for them? Well, guys go shopping with the intent of purchasing specific items whereas women will usually roam around until something catches their eye — yes, I'm still talking about clothes.

Shopping doesn't have to entail a sweaty bargain hunt for certain items of clothing, rather guys are simple-minded when it comes to clothes, especially if the saleswoman is beautiful and utters the words, "That sweater looks great on you, will that be cash or credit?"

Shopping for you

Sometimes, guys love to shop with women, especially good friends, because they furnish an honesty that salespeople never do (see above). As well, these particular babes can pick out something from about a mile away and know that it will suit you.
It's even fun to try on different clothes and hear what she has to say about the V-neck top and those khaki shorts. Come on, every guy likes to think that he's model material, and what's better than having a woman sit outside the changing room and await you?

Shopping with her

Although it has the potential of being loads of fun, shopping with women ends up becoming a horrible drag that leaves guys feeling ghastly and vowing, "I'm never going shopping with her again."
If she's a size 2 and is trying all kinds of itsy-bitsy teeny-weenies, then that's quite a reward in itself. Get yourself a bag of buttery popcorn and give her scores from 1 to 10 as she models each outfit. What could be better?

Well, after about the third hour, you begin feeling somewhat dazed and confused, and start wondering what possessed you to even fathom that you could last as long as her. That's when you begin whining and complaining that you want to leave.

Strategic shopping

Apparently, professionals have taken time out to set up stores for men and women in strategic ways, so that guys are encouraged to look around and buy clothes for themselves. How, you ask? Well, more often than not, men's clothing can usually be found on the right-hand side of the store because people (men and women) typically look towards the right upon entering.
As well, if it's a front-to-back setup, guys' items will always be found in the front (or on the main floor if there's more than one) because women have no problem venturing through men's clothing to get to their own, but guys usually will not make the effort.

The next time you're out shopping or cruising for babes at your new pickup joint (commonly referred to as "the mall"), keep an eye out for this. You'll begin noticing how stores cater to men in different ways to encourage that your money goes their way as well.

Are you crazy?

The worst thing imaginable, besides having to shop for yourself, is having to shop for her. And if you made the awful mistake of choosing to buy her clothes, then good luck with all that. If you mess up and buy her a size that's too big, she'll be insulted. And if you buy her a size that's too small, then she'll think you want her to lose weight.
The great part is that you can sometimes get the saleswoman to try on certain clothes. Mmm. But realistically, if you can weasel your way out of buying her clothes for any occasion, do so. Unless of course, she tells you exactly what she wants in what size and where you can find it.

Otherwise, I recommend that you invest in gift certificates because that way she can take you shopping, so you can watch her try on four hundred items before deciding on one. Yay, what fun, back to square one.

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