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Valentine gift ideas for last-minutes shoppers

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You still haven't gotten her anything? Not OK. Not even if she says it's OK. Look, we all acknowledge that Valentine's is cheesy, but every girl — and we mean every girl — appreciates and secretly looks forward to a small token of your appreciation for her. 
Flowers and chocolate too cliché? Jewelry too unwarranted? Don't have enough time to get a card? We have the solution for you.

Gift someone an iBook, right from your iPad.
Apple has enabled the gifting feature in iBooks on iOS – so it’s easy to do with just a few taps.Gifting an iBook works just like gifting an app. Once you’ve got a selected iBook open, you tap on the Share button at the top right of the book’s info page – and then tap the Gift button. From there you enter the recipient’s email, any message you want to add, and select whether to send Today or on another date, pick a design for the gift notification, and make your purchase.

If you’re looking for some last minute ideas for Valentine's day gifts, here’s other options worth considering:

 Buy A Magazine Subscription. Quick, easy and inexpensive (many year-long subscriptions cost less than $25 USD), your partner will get a gift card either mailed or emailed to them before their first edition arrives, and you'll be remembered fondly each time their reading material arrives on their doorstep.

Get Tickets to anything your partner would love to see. The great bit about buying tickets online to a show, concert, or event, is that you get an immediate receipt that you can print off and show your loved one instantly.

Get a Gift Card. Not the most creative or enlightened idea, but it does let your loved one choose their perfect gift on their own time line.
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